23 Feb 2015

Sunshakes Exotic Milkshakes - Mango

Milkshakes always seem to come in the same basic flavours of banana, strawberry, vanilla or chocolate. I've often wondered why there aren't more interesting flavours available here in the UK. Of course in other parts of the world there are some great flavours available. The founders of Sunshakes were inspired by the delicious blends of milks and exotic fruits they sampled in South Asia and the Caribbean to create the Sunshakes Exotic Milkshakes range in three unique flavours; Mango, Guava and Papaya. 

The range is primarily available in supermarkets in the far East but they also available to purchase online, in the UK via Amazon: www.amazon.co.uk/Sunshakes-Mango-Milkshake. Hopefully they will be picked up by some supermarkets here too so that they can be purchased individually.

I was lucky enough to receive a few of the Mango variety to try out. Mango is one of my favourite flavours so I was keen to try this milkshake version. The milkshake itself has a lovely refreshing taste and smooth texture. It's not as thick or sweet as other bottled milkshakes I've tried, and I think the creators have gone for more of a light and refreshing taste. I really enjoyed the mango flavour here, it's sweet and fruity, just like a ripe mango, but not too overpowering or strong. I think these exotic milkshakes would be delicious on a warm summer's day! 

Check out the Sunshakes website for more info: www.sunshakes.com

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