25 Feb 2015

Review: Magnum Pink Raspberry & Black Espresso

I finally managed to track down the new Magnum Pink & Black ice creams to review and I was especially pleased to find them in this multipack Mini format. There are three mini ice creams of each variety, Magnum Pink Raspberry and Magnum Black Espresso, in the pack. It's always exciting when Magnum releases new flavours but even better when they're both so delicious sounding. Even the packaging is interesting with it's visually appealing constract of bright and dark colours.

I much prefer the Mini Magnum size as I sometimes find the bigger versions a bit too heavy. They are also lower in calories - there are 166 calories in the Mini Magnum Pink and 159 calories in the Mini Magnum Black, which I don't think is too bad for this type of ice cream. 

The Magnum Pink Raspberry is described as a raspberry ice cream with raspberry sauce (9%), coated in milk chocolate (28%) and an outer pink coating (6%). Whilst the Magnum Black Espresso has a vanilla flavoured ice cream, swirled with a coffee sauce (9%), and coated in dark chocolate (32%).

Magnum Pink Raspberry: I was most interested in trying this delicate perlescent pink ice cream as I have quite a sweet tooth when it comes to ice cream flavours. The inner ice cream here has a deliciously creamy and sweet raspberry flavour, with the swirls of raspberry sauce adding an extra hit of the fruity raspberry. It's covered in the distinctive Magnum milk chocolate, with it's strong cocoa flavour. The chocolate is slightly sweetened by the outer pink coating but there isn't any additional raspberry flavour here. 

I really enjoyed the combination of the raspberry (which is fast becoming one of my new favourite flavours) and delicious milk chocolate. It's much tastier than the disappointing Magnum Yogurt Fresh Raspberry from a few years ago, and also the far-too-sweet Magnum Strawberry & White which I've had on holiday in Portugal.

Magnum Black Espresso: Even though I love my coffee, I'm always a bit wary of coffee flavoured ice creams and chocolates - they always have the possibility of going hideously wrong, with either a cheap tasting coffee flavour or just being overly strong. Luckily the Magnum Black Espresso manages to strike the perfect balance between that first rush of espresso flavour, from within the inner swirls, and the creamy vanilla ice cream itself. It all combines to create a milkier and sweeter coffee flavour, but one that can still pack a punch with a great-tasting espresso hit. The overall flavour is not as intense as I was expecting and even the dark outer chocolate (which I thought would be very dark) tastes quite sweet against the lovely espresso flavour inside. 

I wasn't expecting to enjoy the Magnum Black Espresso as much as the Magnum Pink Raspberry but I'm actually finding it hard to choose a favourite between the two of them! 

If you've tried either of these new Magnum varieties then I'd love to hear from you in the comments below. 

Grocery Gems Review: Magnum Mini Pink & Black

RATING: 8 out of 10 (for both).
Buy them again?: Yes.
: Magnum Pink: 166 calories; Magnum Black: 159 calories.
Purchased: Sainsburys.
Price: £2.00p for a box of 6 mini ice creams (special offer).


  1. I've got this mini pack too! Excited to try them both, glad to hear that the magnum black isn't too dark!

    1. You're right that it's better that the chocolate itself is not coffee flavoured too! I think it all works really well without being too strong.

  2. Pink Magnum looks amazing! Barbie ice cream heheh :D

    1. Haha it's like Barbie and Batman in ice cream form!

  3. Oh I didn't realise there was a mini pack! I saw the big ones and couldn't justify buying them as Mr Review Addict won't like them so I would end up with them all to myself.

  4. i got the full size black ones - yummy i say. i love coffee flavour and dark chocolate, i have one left mmmm

  5. I tried the Pink and I really enjoyed , the flavour was delicious but I was expecting even more from Magnum.


  6. Tried both, the rasberry was ok but would prefer more rasberry sauce bit too bland. The coffee was delicious great coffee flavour.


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