12 Jan 2013

Vivani Organic White Chocolate with Mango and Coconut

Yesterday I was reading The Review Addict's fab Mango Mystique review and thinking how much I would love to try a mango and coconut combination. By complete coincidence (and luck) what should my brother bring over today but this Vivani Organic White Chocolate with mango and coconut. Result!

Vivani is an organic chocolate company, based in Germany, which prides itself on premium products made using high quality cocoa and without any emulsifiers (like soy lecithin). Their chocolate is available from Whole Foods Market in London (where my brother found it) and also quite a few online health stores. The packaging is certainly quite stylish with it's "The Art of Chocolate" tagline and interesting artwork on the front.

The chocolate itself is quite orange in colour due to all the little mango pieces. I could immediately smell the strong fruity mango scent which suggested that the mango would dominant the coconut. The chocolate has visible pieces of white coconut interspersed throughout. The other thing I noted about this Vivani chocolate is that it is very very thin. I don't think I have ever had a bar this size (it's a large bar) that is quite so flat. Vivani say about this bar on their website that "its delicately thin shape intensifies the taste even more". I'm not sure how having less can intensify the flavour but it's certainly an interesting assertion!

I was expecting an extremely sweet chocolate with this bar - how can a white chocolate, mango and coconut combo not be overly sweet? But I didn't realise (it's not mentioned on the front of the packaging) that this bar is also made with yogurt. The full description on the back reads - "organic white chocolate with pieces of mango, coconut and yogurt". That explains why there is quite a sour taste to this chocolate. It's not unpleasant and certainly helps to curb the overall sweetness of the bar but it's just not what I was expecting. The flavour of the mango was delicious and had quite a tangy edge to it, perhaps because of the yogurt blend. The coconut definitely comes through at the end of each bite as a subtle aftertaste but it can't compete with the main mango flavour.

Overall I did like the flavours in this chocolate, and I love the fact that there are only a few ingredients (compared to most mainstream chocolates), which are all organic. Some people might not like the tartness of the yogurt flavour but I enjoyed the unusual combination.

Grocery Gems Verdict: Vivani White Chocolate with Mango & Coconut

RATING: 9 out of 10.
Buy them again?: I would try more from this brand.
Nutrition : None given.
Purchased: Whole Foods Market.
Price: £2.20


  1. What a weird co-incidence. I came across Vivani recently myself because I was googling for another choccy brand with a similar name.

    LOL at the thinness intensifying the flavour! I know what they mean though - sometimes white choc can be a bit overbearing as its so sweet, so less is often more.

    I'm not sure I like the sound of yogurt and mango together, although I'd definitely give this bar a try if I see it. It's great that such obscure brands are turning up in the UK.

    1. Another weird coincidence is that I just saw more Vivani chocolate bars today (in TKMaxx). They were single bean origin bars with high cocoa content rather than the more interesting flavour combinations.

  2. Thanks for the mention! I see that the Chocolate Finding Hero strikes again! lol

    I've never heard of this brand but this bar certainly sounds interesting, especially the yogurt!

    1. Thanks Hannah! I would have preferred to try a mango and coconut combination without the a yogurt flavour but it was almost spot on :)


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