9 Jan 2013

Studencki Cherry Chocolate Bar Review

To celebrate students returning to school/college/uni after the Christmas break, here is an aptly named Polish chocolate bar which translates as "Student". It seems a strange choice of name for a chocolate bar but perhaps it's pure marketing genius - I practically lived on chocolate bars in my student days. The full name of this bar is the Studencki Wisniowy which translates as "Student Cherry" (no gags here - move along). I bought this a few weeks ago but I was reminded of it's existence after reading a review of the Cherry Ripe on The Snack Review blog - why aren't there more cherry flavoured bars around? Or for that matter - why aren't there more chocolate bars aimed at students?

The Studencki is described as "dark chocolate with a cherry dessert filling" which already sounds rather delicious. It's made by Polish chocolate makers Wawel who seem to be best known for their chocolate "Danusia". Although if anyone has further information then please leave a comment below - because I literally know nothing.

This chocolate bar looks very good, it has a dark glossy colour with nicely shaped segments. Disappointingly the filling is not a deep red, like the picture on the front of the packaging. Here's a reminder:

Nope, nothing like that. I suppose it would be too confusing if they pictured a beige, (or is it more of an orange?) coloured filling on the front. The dark chocolate has a decent enough cocoa flavour and is perfect for people who don't actually like dark chocolate that much - it's very sweet and quite creamy. The chocolate taste was enjoyable enough.

I was more disappointed in the filling - and it's not just because of the colour. The "cherry dessert" description had given me quite high hopes. Unfortunately the filling had a very gritty texture and I could feel the little grains of sugar throughout. The cherry flavour was not bad, but it had a slightly "liqueur" undertone to it which is not my thing at all.

Just after writing that last sentence I had a closer look at the ingredients, written in the most minuscule font ever, and amongst the "cherry marmalade" and "cherry puree", I spotted the word "alcohol". Aha! I knew it! So now I understand why it's called the Studencki.

The search for a decent chocolate cherry filled bar continues...

Grocery Gems Verdict: Studencki Cherry Chocolate Bar

RATING: 4 out of 10.
Buy them again?: No.
Nutrition: 200 calories.
Purchased: Local Polish grocery shop.
Price: £0.40p for a 42g bar.


  1. "I practically lived on chocolate bars in my student days"
    "I spotted the word "alcohol". Aha! I knew it! So now I understand why it's called the Studencki."
    Haha, so true!

    I remember the breaks between two labs when I'd go to the Carrefour just outside the campus to check if they had any new and interesting chocolates. I discovered my first Lindt bar there! I also remember not sleeping from Saturday until Thursday... when I literally fell with my chair on the floor during the Computer Architecture lab.

    Wawel's history

    I've never seen this bar before, but I've tried a few other Wawel bars. And I wasn't impressed at all. Other people seem to like them more, so maybe it's just me...

    1. Haha - I'm glad it's not just me then! Although we obviously needed all that sugar to help keep us awake (and safe on our chairs!).

      Wawel has an interesting history but I won't be in a rush to try any more of their bars... unless I see another one with an intriguing name :D

  2. Oh dear what a disappointment. I laughed when I saw your photo compared to the picture on the wrapper, they look nothing alike.

    I've had similar disappointments with Polish choc bars - I bought one that was meant to be pumpkin flavour, but it was really just a very bad excuse for an orange fondant. I'll have to dig out the wrapper out as it was very similar to this bar.

    1. Pumpkin chocolate??? Now that might be taking things too far! I'd love to see a pic of it if you still have the wrapper.

    2. Pumpkin? Are you sure, pumpkins are not popular in Poland at all and I've never seen pumpkin chocolate :)

  3. not seen this around but i agree with you, soft flavoured filled choc centres have never appealed to me. Makes me think of the Quality Street/Roses chocs that were always left lurking at the bottom of the tub/box jar!! Mostly the strawberry, orange and coffee creams!

    Alas no more tho, as my 7 year old niece happens to love them - so they are now saved for her and not the chocolate hell bin ;o)

    1. It's funny you say that because it is VERY similar to Quality Street's strawberry and orange creams. Especially the same very sweet dark chocolate. Although I'd say Quality Street ones are still nicer than this bar because at least they are not gritty.

      That's so cute that your niece loves them! Everyone HATES the soft centres here too and they do end up in the bin. The good thing about that is it stops me buying selection boxes in the first place (apart from maybe just a small box... ahem).

  4. Wawel is one of the famous Polish chocolate brands, but in my opinion products getting worst. In my childhood Wawel's chocolate was so awesome and now not really. I'm not fan of this kind o chocolate bars, we also have a some similar like "Pawełek" with advocat liqer filling etc. But I'm also suprised about this cherry filling, they used to be like on picture - red and cherry, this seems weird.
    From Polish sweets I can reccomend "Ptasie Mleczko" and "Michałki" (the original one they are chocolate with penauts, now It's a lot of diffrent ones, white are also nice). And if you like jaffa cakes try "Delicje" they are not only with a fruit jelly filing but also with toffi or cppucino mousse.

  5. Thank you so much for your comment! I love all the interesting details about Wawel and polish chocolate in general. I will make a note of your recommended sweets - hopefully I can find them next time I am in a Polish grocery store. The "Delicje" sounds very familiar, I'm sure I have seen those before, I do like jaffa cakes so I'll be sure to give them a try!

  6. When people speak of the term mouthfeel they are referring to the way the chocolate melts on the tongue. High quality chocolate will easily melt in your mouth and create a smooth creamy texture. This texture is created by increasing the conching stage during production.


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