3 Dec 2013

Hershey Cherry Blossom (Canada)

This adorably retro looking Cherry Blossom was recently sent to me by the UK based online Canadian grocery store The Canada Shop. I had never heard of the Cherry Blossom before but it immediately appealed to me with it's promised combination of coconut, peanuts and cherries. 

The Cherry Blossom is a single large chocolate (about the size of a Walnut Whip) which not only comes foil wrapped, but also housed in it's own quaint looking box. Originally made by a company called Lowney's, it's now manufactured by Hershey Canada.

At first sight it has quite a homely appearance, it's slightly irregular shape making it look home made, rather than a mass produced product. The thick outer chocolate has a mottled appearance from the peanut and coconut pieces. I was worried about the chocolate flavour here, as like many Brits, I can't get on with Hershey's milk chocolate at all. However, I'm pleased to say this was nothing like the American Hershey's chocolate bars I've had in the past. 

The chocolate here is sweet and has a pleasant cocoa flavour, nothing to worry about at all! The peanut pieces add the initial crunch and flavour, with the coconut adding lots of sweetness towards the end. I couldn't wait to see what this would be like inside and once I cut into the thick chocolate, the abundant cherry syrup inside was instantly oozing into evidence. 

Also revealing a large maraschino cherry at it's centre. The cherry flavour here is just delicious, fruity but not too strong, and a real contrast to the flavour in the outer chocolate. 

The central cherry had retained it's bright colour and juicy plumpness, and provided another textural element to the Cherry Blossom. The whole thing is ultimately very sweet (and quite sticky!) but it's a totally unique chocolate and one that offers a fantastic combination of flavours!

Product sent for an honest review.

Grocery Gems Verdict: Hershey Cherry Blossom

RATING:  9 out of 10.
Buy them again?: Yes.
Nutrition: 210 calories.
Purchased: Available at The Canada Shop. 
Price: £0.95 each.


  1. That shocked me a little as to me Cherry Blossom is shoe polish.

  2. Ooh this looks interesting, I am rather intrigued!


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