31 Dec 2013

Grocery Gems Best of 2013!

It's been fun reviewing so many products during 2013, and there was certainly plenty of choice with lots of new releases and limited edition this year. The year seems to have flown by and it's already time to look back and choose my favourite products from the past twelve months. I wonder how many of them will still be around into 2014? 

Click on the product name to read the original review. I hope you agree with some of my choices but don't forget to let me know what your top picks of the year have been too!

Best Chocolate:

I might as well start with the most important category! I review more Chocolate than anything else so it was very hard to choose my favourite. This Ritter Sport Kokos was chosen as their variety of the year, and it was quite simply the most delicious coconut chocolate bar I've ever tried. A special mention must go to the Lindt Hello My Name Is Cookies & Cream, the M&S Dulce de Leche Truffles, and the Duke of Delhi Milk Chocolate & Indian Cinnamon for all being unforgettably delicious too. There were a lot of 10 out of 10's for chocolate in 2013!

Best Biscuit:

I still turn to this Border Biscuits Sharing Pack if I ever need biscuits for a special occasion. They're full of flavour, melt in the mouth, gorgeousness!

Best Drink: 

An original and unique concept but one that works incredibly well. This new peanut butter hot drink from Peanut Hottie is now a permanent fixture on my shopping list.

Best Cake:

Again, there was lots of choice in this category but I went for a fairly recent product as my winner. The Tesco Finest Red Velvet Cake has lots of wow factor and is sure to be a hit for any celebration. I hope this one sticks around throughout 2014.

Best Dessert:

Layers of peanut butter mousse, caramel sauce, dark chocolate ganache and shortbread biscuit crumb, made this my dream dessert.

 Best Sweet:

These made me feel like a big kid. Cola bottle sweets with a liquid cola filling - sheer brilliance from Haribo!

Best Ice Cream: 

Ben & Jerry's Core Blondie Brownie

The sea salted caramel core makes this my top ice cream pick from 2013. It's so good that I've barely wanted to try any other tubs of ice cream. If it's an ice cream treat then it has to be Blondie Brownie.

Best Sauce/Condiment:


One of my favourite new finds of 2013 was the Aivar from the Pelagonia Range. It's a delectable combination of roasted sweet red peppers and aubergines.

Best Crisps:

I loved these limited edition Mozzarella & Pesto Kettle Chips, and it seems I wasn't alone as they were so popular they've been made part of Kettle Chips permanent range.

Best Yogurt: 

2013 saw an abundance of super thick strained yogurts being released into the market. There are many delicious ranges to choose from including Fruyo and Chobani. The Danio range is my favourite, and the Cherry flavour in particular! Special mention also goes to Activia Intensely Cream Coconut Temptation and the Collective Dairy Banoffi yogurts.

Best Snack:

Super tasty and low in calories too, this is one snack I know I'll be buying a lot more of next year.

That's it from me for this year! I hope that 2013 has been a good one for you all. Here's to a snack filled 2014 :)

Happy New Year!


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