13 Dec 2013

Review: Nespresso Masala Chai - Club Favourites Variation

When Nespresso Club members around the world were asked to vote for their preferred new limited edition Christmas variation from a choice of Masala Chai, Cioccorosso or Liminto, my vote immediately went to the Masala Chai. The description of a heady mix of cinnamon, star anise and clove was by far my ideal choice for a new variation. Even though this was not the winning variation in the UK (we got the Cioccorosso instead - see my review here), I've finally managed to get my hands on the Masala Chai from the US.

The packaging and capsule colour is identical to the Cioccorosso, so I won't be adding these to my Nespresso pod holder unless I wish to be surprised whenever I make a cup.

My expectations of a cinnamon spicy coffee were not fully realised with this Nespresso Masala Chai. When I brewed a cup, I was expecting the spicy scent to immediately fill my kitchen. Instead the actual spices are quite subtle and provided just a hint of flavour overall. Surprisingly I found that the stronger flavour note, after the deliciously smooth espresso itself, was in fact a sweet tea flavour. Somehow Nespresso have captured the chai part of a masala chai more than the actual spices. I'm sure this limited edition variation will be lovely for making delicious chai lattes, but I know I'll be tempted to add a bit more cinnamon warmth to perk up the flavour. Perhaps my expectations were a little too high with this Masala Chai. I've always found the Nespresso Variations to be extremely successful but this one, although still very enjoyable, fell a little short for me. 

Have you tried the Masala Chai? I'd love to know what you thought of it so please leave a comment below.


  1. I completely agree! I was so excited for this flavor variation...I love chai spices, and was expecting cinnamon and clove to come through - but it was truly so subtle that, to me, it just tasted like coffee/espresso. Although still delicious, as all the Nespresso capsules are, I certainly wouldn't have known it was "chai flavored" if given a blind taste test. I'm a bit disappointed.

    1. That's a very good point. I wouldn't have guessed this was supposed to be a Chai flavour either, the spices are simply not strong enough.

      Thank you for leaving a comment, it's good to know that I wasn't alone in thinking this!

    2. Good Afternoon,

      I ordered the Nespresso Masala Chai Variation from an Ebay seller based in Cyprus, as here in Italy the winning Christmas variation is Cioccorosso.
      Although I must admit that my expectations on Cinnamon, Cloves and Star Anis were very high, I was utmostly disappointed in noticing, upon tasting, that all these spices are totally and utterly unnoticeable. So much as that I even thought I had been sent faulty goods from this Ebay seller. This is the first time Nespresso has let me down. It's weird, as the Cioccorosso Variation is on the contrary very, very tasteful, and you can immediately enjoy the flavour of chocolate and red berries. Thanks for sharing your experience on this limited edition and Merry Christmas to everybody.

    3. Hi Luca,

      Thank you for adding your comment, it's interesting to hear from others with the same experience.

      I also thought that perhaps I had received a substandard product, especially because I had read some very positive reviews about the Masala Chai and it's supposed spiced flavour. I agree the Cioccorosso is much more flavourful!

      Thank you again for the comment and a very Merry Christmas to you too!


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