13 Dec 2013

Review: Tohato Caramel Corn

These cute red bags of Caramel Corn have long been high on my list of Japanese products to try. I love the bright packaging but have always been curious about a cheese puff looking snack with a sweet sounding name like Caramel Corn. It turns out that these are indeed a sweet version of a corn snack, something I've never come across before, but with an unexpected added peanut twist (although the little peanut character on the packaging should have been enough of a clue!). 

These were very kindly sent to me by Oyatsu Cafe, my favourite online store for Japanese snacks and treats. Use the coupon GROCERYGEMS for 15% discount off any Oyatsu Cafe order. 

In appearance and texture these are exactly the same as the common puffed corn snacks which are usually cheesy flavoured. It's slightly odd at first that these smell quite sweet, but the delicious flavour quickly won me over. They taste similar to a caramel popcorn, but with an easier to eat texture, that is lightly crunchy. 

There is also a background peanut flavour to these, and even some added real peanuts too, most of which were lurking at the bottom of the bag. Overall the caramel and peanut was very tasty and quite an unusual combination in a snack of this kind. 

Find them online at Oyatsu Cafe.

Grocery Gems Verdict: Tohato Caramel Corn

RATING: 8 out of 10.
Buy them again?: Yes.
Purchased: Available from Oyatsu Cafe.
Price $3.49 (approx. £2.14)

Product sent for review.


  1. this is my favourite Japanese snacks! they are a lot of different flavours and they are pretty good too

    1. I'd love to try some of the other flavours too. Let me know if there are any you'd recommend. Comments (158)


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