13 Dec 2013

Review: Gourmesso - Nespresso Compatible Capsules

I was recently offered the chance to sample the range of alternative Espresso Capsules for Nespresso machines from Gourmesso. They offer a full range of 9 different espressos, 2 lungo varieties, a decaffeinated espresso, and also 3 flavoured blends. All the capsules follow the same intensity scale as the original Nespresso capsules. Gourmesso describe their capsules as being filled with the best Arabica and Robusta coffee beans from around the world, including blends from India, South America and Africa. 

The capsules themselves are similar to other Nespresso compatible pods I've tried, and are made of plastic, rather than alluminium, and then foil wrapped to ensure they retain their flavour and aroma. Each coffee I tried worked fine with my machine and I've had no problems at all with this style of capsule. 

I was sent a selection of some of their best selling blends which included; Ristretto Blend Forte, Messico Blend Forte, India Pura Mezzo and Etiopia Blend Forte. Each coffee had a good amount of crema, although less than an original Nespresso capsule. I enjoyed the fact that each blend had it's own unique flavour notes as this adds a pleasing variety to the blends already available from Nespresso. I usually make my coffee in a lungo style by adding a little extra water to the espresso, but I found that with the lower intensity Gourmesso blends, it was better to add less water or none at all, otherwise the flavour was not strong enough. However, once I knew this I was more than happy with the satisfying flavours and blends within the Gourmesso range. 

Gourmesso are based in Germany and offer fast shipping to the UK and Ireland - free for orders over £40.00. Each Gourmesso capsule costs from 21p each, with prices for packs of 10 capsules starting at £2.10 per pack. 

Product sent for review.


  1. By Far the worst espresso coffee I have ever experienced! Although I ordered 2 of their "highest Intensity" product, and used it in one of the best Espresso Machines, the coffee tasted more like drip the espresso coffee.
    I think they should invest their efforts and money in making better coffee instead of fancy packaging that ends up in a FANCY trashcan.

    I have had more than a ten people in my office try the Gourmesso coffee, without knowing that it was not a NESPRESSO product, and the response was unanimous: "What happened to your coffee"


  2. Five Stars - I like the product, I have found all the Gourmesso coffee that I have tasted as strong and flavorful with perfect pitch. I think we have a case of 'buyer's remorse' with Elie


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