7 Dec 2013

New Leerdammer Toastie Challenge!

Recently I was asked if I would like to take part in a toastie challenge and create my own favourite toastie combo using the new Leerdammer Toastie cheese slices. These are made with a creamier recipe and thicker slices to create the perfect cheese for toasted sandwiches. Of course I didn't hesitate to join in and I couldn't wait to try out my idea for a toastie! At first I was going to use panini rolls for my sandwiches but I decided to change this to using bagels, which seemed better suited to the flavours I have used.

My Leerdammer Toastie

1 Red Onion & Chive bagel
1 Slice of Leerdammer Toastie
2 slices of pastrami
2 teaspoons of Aivar (or a red pepper paste or chutney of choice)
Handful of rocket and spinach leaves

I simply layered the Leerdammer cheese and pastrami slices with the roasted red pepper and aubergine paste as the base, and a scattering of salad leaves to finish. It might seem like an unusual addition, but don't be worried about using this type of salad leaf when making a pressed toasted sandwich, they are remarkably robust. 

It's looking good already before going into the sandwich press.

But it's even better all hot and toastie! The cheese melted perfectly whilst still retaining it's shape. It didn't ooze out all over the place or become too greasy, which is a pet hate of mine. The whole toastie tasted absolutely gorgeous. The cheese is creamy with a sweet and nutty edge, whilst the Aivar added a lovely richness, and it all tasted wonderful against the onion bagel. 

In the interests of a full review, I also made a few simple ham and cheese toasted bagels using the Leerdammer Toastie. I usually use pre-sliced cheese when making this type of toastie so I was interested to see how using this special "toastie cheese" would compare. 

I have to admit I'm a convert to the Leerdammer Toastie, all the bagels had perfectly melted cheese. Even where the cheese was hanging over the edge to begin with, it still held it's shape and didn't overspill - we all simply loved how these turned out. 

Leerdammer Toastie is the latest addition to the Leerdammer range which also includes the original and light slices as well as the original block. It's now available nationwide in Tesco, Morrisions, Sainsbury's, Waitrose and Asda priced at RRP of £1.75 for a pack of six slices. 

Products provided in order to take part in the toastie challenge. 

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