3 Jan 2014

Review: Oreo Peanut Butter Wafers (China)

Many thanks to the wonderful @Banjo_Chocolate, who recently sent me a brilliant selection of hard to find chocolates and snacks. She's simply the best at awesome finds! Take these Oreo wafers from China for example. They're such an unusual product, which I've never seen before, but it's exactly the type of product I would snap up if I did spot it! It was also featured on the recent Choc It Out youtube video of best foreign chocolate bars of 2013 (linky). 

There are some really unique products under the Oreo brand in China. Check out this fab round up on Kotaku here.

This peanut butter Oreo wafer is very crumbly in texture (making it quite messy to eat!), with a creamy peanut filling between two wafers. The wafer has that same sweet chocolately flavour as the more famous Oreo cookie, but just in a lighter wafer format. The peanut butter filling consists of a fairly thin layer, but it still manages to pack a punch in flavour. As soon as I unwrapped the wafer the peanut scent was immediately evident. It adds a lovely sweet, and slightly salty, flavour to the wafers. Definitely worth a try if you can track one down!

Please don't forget that @Banjo_Chocolate is running a campaign to get Mars to Bring Back the Banjo chocolate bar. Public support has worked for other discontinued products in the past, including Funny Feet Ice Cream which were re-released recently, so every bit of support is very much appreciated! 

Take a look at the Bring Back Banjo Chocolate Bar Facebook page here and sign the petition here! Thank you :)


  1. Many thanks for mentioning the Banjo campaign. Fab review and pics!

    1. Always welcome! And thanks again for sending these out, they're awesome :)


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