7 Jan 2014

Review: Port Salut Cheese

Port Salut cheese has long been a favourite in the Grocery Gems household. It's one of our must haves for the Christmas period, mainly because the kids enjoy it just as much as the adults! 

It has such a bright tangerine coloured rind. I think it was my eldest son who insisted we buy some Port Salut one day (orange is his favourite colour), and from then on we've all been Port Salut fans. 

The cheese itself is a semi-soft French cheese, from the Brittany region, and is made with cow's milk. The texture is quite soft but it's not at all rubbery like some other semi-soft cheese (such as Edam). It has quite a robust and distinctive smell which belies the fact that it's actually very mild and creamy in flavour. The overall taste is incredibly moreish and makes a great addition to any cheeseboard. 

PR Samples sent for an honest review.

Grocery Gems Verdict: Port Salut

RATING: 9 out of 10 - family favourite.
Buy them again?: Absolutely.
Purchased: Available at most supermarkets.
Price: Usually £2.00p for 185g.

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