8 Jan 2014

Around The World: Argentina - Havanna Alfajores

I've previously reviewed a version of the popular South American alfajores snack (see review here), that had been sent to me by a reader, David, who often visits that region. The ones I reviewed were more of a supermarket brand, but at the time David had mentioned that the real high end alfajor was made by a company called Havanna. I never expected to find these in London but I spotted them at a food show I attended just before Christmas, so needless to say I quickly snapped them up. I bought two Havanna Alfajores, in gold and silver wrappers - the original Blancos, which are covered in a white icing, and also the Chocolate variety. 

Starting with the chocolate, it has a large circular appearance with a decent coating of chocolate, not too thin or too thick. It doesn't look like much from the outside (it's almost like a teacake or Wagon Wheel!) but the  magic happens inside with the absolutely divine dulce de leche filling.

The inner biscuit is quite soft, somewhere between a cake and a biscuit in texture. The flavour is quite simple but it provides the perfect background for the generous dulce de leche layer. This has a rich caramel buttery flavour is completely divine. The outer coating here adds even more sweetness and a smooth chocolate taste into the mix too. 

The Blanco alfajor is covered in a white icing, that is quite dry and very crumbly to eat! I didn't expect to like this one as much as the chocolate but I was wrong, this one was even more delicious. The icing is sweet but has a hint of lemon that works so well with the soft biscuit and the creamy filling. Even though I enjoyed both of the alfajores, the Blanco allowed the dulce de leche flavour to really reign supreme, and was ultimately my favourite of the two.

Grocery Gems Verdict: Havanna Alfajores

RATING: 10 out of 10.
Buy them again?: Yes - quite pricey but worth it.
Nutrition (per unit): 206 calories
Purchased: They are available online in the UK here: 


  1. Glad to see you were able to find the grand cru of alfajores in London. They are quite a step up from the supermarket versions I sent you last summer, but about 3x more expensive!

    1. Thanks again David for the recommendation, they really are a wonderful treat. I feel I should have bought a whole box, even though it was so expensive!


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