18 Dec 2014

Degustabox December: Surprise Foodie Box & Discount Code!

December's Degustabox has arrived a little earlier than usual (the boxes are usually sent later in the month) but seeing as it's Christmas next week it's lovely to receive it as an early treat! Degustabox is a monthly foodie subscription service that celebrated it's first anniversary last month. It's guaranteed to be filled with a surprise selection of products from new and established brands. Even though we don't know what products will be inside the Degustabox, it's always a great mix of useful groceries and more exciting treats. This month's box is an eclectic mix of indulgent goodies and healthier treats - Degustabox have definitely got their eye on January health kicks with this box!

Discount Code: 4D590

Each Degustabox costs £12.99 a month, which includes delivery, with no fixed contract involved. Degustabox have kindly provided my readers with the following Discount Code for £3.00 off your next Degustabox, bringing the cost to £9.99 delivered. Simply enter the code - 4D590.

Here's a quick round up of all the products inside the December Degustabox:

Bahlsen Choco Leibniz: I'll start with a treat, as thankfully Degustabox always saves a space for some chocolate in their boxes! There are two boxes of Bahlsen Choco Leibniz biscuits in each Degustabox, in both Milk and Caramel flavours. These are made with finest continental milk chocolate wrapped around butter biscuits and with added caramel in the latter variety. These are more chocolate than biscuit! 

Bonne Maman Coarse Orange Marmalade: This is made with thick shred orange peels for extra flavour and texture. I'm a fan of Bonne Maman jams and I also love marmalade so this was a lovely product for me to find in the Degustabox. It's very timely too as we've only just finished the Seville Orange Marmalade that was included in the September Degustabox

POPCHIPS: I received the Barbecue flavour but there are several different flavours in this range. Popchips have less than half the fat of fried crisps, fewer calories and no artificial colours or flavourings. 

The Chia Co Oats + Chia: A sachet of Oats + Chia dairy-free wholegrain oats and chia with real fruit and creamy coconut oil. It's described as making a healthy 'just add water' breakfast that is smooth and creamy without any dairy. I've reviewed The Chia Co Chia Pods and their Chia Oil previously and I'm really excited to try these new Chia + Oats. 

Eisberg Alcohol Free Wine: At first I thought this must be one of those fruity fake wine drinks, but it's actually a real wine that has been 'de-alchoholised' - their word not mine! I think this is definitely a product aimed at any health kicks starting in January. It's available in Chardonnay, Rosé, Cabernet Sauvignon and Riesling, with only a third of the calories of regular wine.

Pukka Herbs Clean Green Tea: This is a blend of pure organic green tea with a little lemony lift. I love green tea and drink it most days, but I've never tried a lemon flavoured version. I've also never tried any of the Pukka tea range before so I'm looking forward to giving this Clean Green tea a try soon.

Kent's Kitchen Meal Kits: Degustabox have featured the Kent's Kitchen Meal Kits before in their October Degustabox where I received a Bengal curry kit. I'm pleased that I received a different meal kit this time - the Brazilian Moqueca Capixaba - which is designed to be used with fish. It sounds delicious! These authentic pots contain all natural ingredients and are great for keeping in the store cupboard, I like the fact that they inspire me to cook something a little different.

Gloworm: A completely new brand to me - Gloworm are a premium range of stimulating drinks, specifically designed to be used as mixers and compliment a selection of spirits. Their formula is sugar-free and taurine-free and contains added caffeine. I'll be passing these onto family and friends as they are not really for me, however, the four flavours certainly look interesting; Raspberry & Orris (for Vodka), Cucumber & Apple (for Gin), Pear, Spice & Lime (for Rum), and Ginger & Lemongrass (for Bourbon). 

FryLight Infuse Chilli: A very useful product to have in the store cupboard. It's made with natural chilli extract and adds a spicy kick to any pan fried or roasted food. I'll have to use this the next time I'm making a curry or peri-peri chicken! I really want to try the garlic infused version of Fry Light too.

If you're a subscriber of Degustabox then I'd love to know what you thought of the December box in the comments below. Personally I like the fact that it has a healthier angle to it this month, and most of these products are ones that I find appealing. I know some subscribers were expecting more of a Christmassy box this month, but since I've been stocking up for Christmas for quite some time, it's actually nice to have some healthier products too. I'm especially pleased with The Chia Co Chia+Oats, the Pukka Clean Green Tea, and the Bonne Maman marmalade, as they are all products that I would buy for myself. 

For more details:
Degustabox website: www.degustabox.com
Like on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DegustaboxUK
Follow on Twitter: https://twitter.com/DegustaboxUK

I received a Degustabox in order to provide an honest review.


  1. Hey again Katherine, Hope you're well

    It was a good box this month.

    You should try the Gloworm drinks, I was surprised, especially after the cool dawn travesty last month... They are awesome tho, trying all four as i speak with my partner, (without alcohol) Might actually buy some more, the flavors are complex yet subtle.

    1. Hi Dan,

      We're all very well here and looking forward to Christmas. I hope you're well too.

      Thanks for adding your thoughts about this months box, and I'm pleased that you were happy with the selection. I was going to pass on the Gloworm drinks but based on your recommendation, I'll definitely be keeping them for myself! I thought the flavours looked interesting but it's good to know that they can be enjoyed on their own too.

      Have a great weekend :)

  2. another box much better than the trial box i did :-( ive done a free trial now so i just can't justfiy £13 for a box full of things i may not like/use. oh well.

    by the way, you should make a trip to the seaside - rossi's ice cream have a limited xmas flavour of white choc flavour with marshmallow, and also from earlier in the ear, rhubard & custard - i bought them on a whim from shop near my work (went in for bag of crisps!) - i havnt opened them yet as to allievate my guilt i am taking them to family boxing day! they do an apple strudel too


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