12 Dec 2014

Hotel Chocolat Christmas Gingerbread Chocolate Spread

If you're a regular reader of my blog then you'll know that I'm a fan of the growing popularity of gingerbread inspired products this Christmas. On a recent visit to Hotel Chocolat I discovered that they had a few gingerbread treats available this year too. The most appealing of which was this Limited Edition Christmas Chocolate Spread - it's described as a warming blend of a 50% milk chocolate hazelnut praline spread, and gingerbread spices. 

Each pot is 150g which Hotel Chocolat estimate provides 10 servings. The ingredients give a lovely festive twist to the classic hazelnut chocolate spread and include; 50% minimum cocoa solids milk chocolate, hazelnuts, cinnamon, nutmeg and and ginger powder. 

The Hotel Chocolat Gingerbread Chocolate Spread has quite a thick texture, but it's refreshing to see a chocolate spread that is not all slick and greasy. I decided to try the Christmas spread on a croissant and, despite the slightly dense texture, it was still easy to spread. I haven't actually tried a Hotel Chocolat chocolate spread before, and I found the base chocolate flavour here incredibly rich and intense, without being too sweet or too bitter. It's clearly a high quality chocolate being used and it makes all the difference to the base flavour. The added gingerbread spices are robust and complex, adding a lovely depth of warming flavours to the indulgent hazelnut chocolate, especially from the ginger and cinnamon. A little goes a long way with this spread, as the spiced flavours are all quite strong, and I'm sure I will get more than 10 servings from one pot. It's a real festive treat and I think it would make a unique gift for anyone who's a fan of gingerbread and Christmas spices. 

I actually bought this Christmas chocolate spread as part of a gingerbread themed hamper that I made for Mr. Grocery Gems' birthday this week. Aswell as some gingerbread coffee syrup and gingerbread cakes, I also included the Hotel Chocolat Christmas Drinking Chocolate with Gingerbread Spice and a pack of the Hotel Chocolat Gingerbread Chocolate Truffles. It's an expensive selection but well worth it in my opinion for a special present. We haven't had a chance to try the Hotel Chocolat Christmas Drinking Chocolate or Gingerbread Truffles yet, but do leave a comments below if you would like me to review those too. 

Grocery Gems Verdict: Hotel Chocolat Christmas Chocolate Spread

RATING: 10 out of 10 - a gorgeous blend of high quality chocolate and warming spice.
Buy them again?: Yes.
Purchased: Hotel Chocolat.
Price: £6.00p.


  1. Looks awsome! I love sweet spread :)

  2. Looks amazing! One thing you might want to know about is the xmas finest christmas flavour range! They have e.g. salted caramel crisps, turkey stuffing tortillas and pigs in blankets!

    1. Thanks for the recommendation! Tesco has some very innovative products this Christmas. I've actually tried the turkey stuffing tortillas (haven't reviewed them yet though!) and they are very good. The Salted Caramel crisps sound bizarre but interesting!


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