16 Dec 2014

Walkers Market Deli Review

Earlier this year I was lucky enough to attend the launch part for the new Market Deli range of potato chips from Walkers (see HERE). This whole range has been inspired by the produce found in the finest delicatessens and features authentic and all-natural flavours and ingredients. I love the fact all of the different snacks in the Market Deli range (Pita Chips, Tortilla Chips and Potato Chips) are free from artificial preservatives, colours, and MSG, whilst still being packed full of flavour.

Last week I received a lovely selection of different flavours from the Market Deli range to review; Tortilla Chips - Anglesey Sea Salt with Cracked Black Pepper, and Roasted Red Chilli with Mediterranean Sundried Tomato; Pita Chips -  Roasted Garlic with Mediterranean Herbs; Potato Chips - Cornish Mature Cheddar, and Flame Grilled Spanish Chorizo with Roasted Onion. 

Potato Chips - Flame Grilled Spanish Chorizo with Roasted Onions: The Market Deli Potato Chips all have a great texture - they're slightly thicker than regular crisps and are very crunchy. All the flavours are well seasoned with lovely strong flavours. The Flame Grilled Spanish Chorizo with Roasted Onions is one of the flavours I hadn't tried before and it's now become my favourite from this whole range. 

Chorizo is one of my best loved cooking ingredients and it's great to finally see it successfully created as a potato chip flavour. The crisps have an authentic chorizo flavour that is meaty and smokey, with a delicious garlic edge. The whole flavour is sweetened by the addition of the roasted onion which means the overall taste is not too salty or overpowering. 

Potato Chips - Cornish Mature Cheddar: I've reviewed the Cornish Mature Cheddar previously HERE, and even though a few of my family members enjoyed them and found them tasty, I thought the flavour was a bit too cheesey.

Pita Chips - Roasted Garlic with Mediterranean Herbs: Unfortunately, my parcels had been quite badly crushed in transit, and the Pita Chips bore the brunt of the damage. I managed to find a few uncrushed chips in the packaging for the photo above. Regardless, these are a very enjoyable and versatile snack. The texture of these Pita Chips is more like crackers than crisps, and paired with a strong garlicy flavour, makes these a perfect partner for hummus and other dips. 

Tortilla Chips - Roasted Red Chilli with Mediterranean Sundried Tomato: The Market Deli Tortilla Chips are made with a mix of corn, seeds, grains and cracked peppercorns, which gives them a lovely light texture. I've bought Market Deli Tortilla Chips before and one thing I've been impressed with is how large each tortilla chips is - they're perfect for dipping! My packs arrived quite crushed so the photo above doesn't reflect their usual large appearance. The Roasted Red Chilli with Mediterranean Sundried Tomato would be my pick of the flavours available. The flavour is quite mild, especially in terms of heat, but the flavours make these a great partner for all types of Mexican food. 

Tortilla Chips - Angelsey Sea Salt with Cracked Black Pepper: These tortilla chips have the same great texture as above and are robustly flavoured with lots of the cracked black pepper. I'm a fan of cracked black pepper and I was pleased to find these tortilla chips just as peppery as I was hoping. 

Overall this is a great range with lots of delicious grown up flavours to choose from. They would definitely make a welcome addition at any Christmas party! My top picks from the Market Deli range are the Flame Grilled Spanish Chorizo with Roasted Onions Potato Chips, the Pita Chips with Roasted Garlic and Mediterranean Herbs, and the Roasted Red Chilli with Mediterranean Sundried Tomato Tortilla Chips. 

Market Deli Potato Chips, Tortilla Chips and Pita Chips are available in 165g sharing bags with a RRP of £2.39. The Potato Chips are also available in 40g single bags with a RRP of £0.83p. 

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