13 Mar 2015

New Cawston Press Fruit & Veg Blends

Cawston Press kindly sent me a selection of their fruit and vegetable juice blends: Sweet Greens, Sunshine Blend and Radiant Roots. All three blends contain only pressed fruit and veg (with no concentrate) and all-natural ingredients, without any added sugar, sweeteners, preservatives or colourings. The distinctive recipes in each blend have been inspired by juice bar culture and the fresh ingredients found in kitchen gardens. 

I really enjoyed the Cawston Press Sparkling Drinks range and fruit juices, and I'm already keen on making fruit and veg juices at home, so I was looking forward to giving these new veg blends a try. The Cawston Press fruit and veg drinks are all blended with a little water which gives them a very refreshing consistency - these are not thick smoothie drinks but lighter blends that are still full of flavour. 

Cawston Press Sunshine Blend: The Sunshine Blend is a apples, carrots, oranges and celery. The main ingredients are; pressed apple juice (26%), pressed carrot juice (24%), pressed orange juice (21%), water (7%), and celery root juice. I have to admit that celery is not a vegetable that I like but somehow when combined with the flavours of orange, apple and carrot here, it is rather more enjoyable. I especially like the fact that all the main ingredients listed have added to the flavour of this juice. It's not one of those products that has one set of super ingredients on the front without following through in the actual ingredients (Innocent Super Smoothie I'm looking at you). The Sunshine Blend juice really does have the multi layered flavours of all the fruits, and even the celery too. 

Cawston Press Radiant Roots: This is a blend of beetroot, carrot, apple and ginger. The main ingredients list; pressed apple juice (47%), pressed carrot juice (24%), water (8%), pressed beetroot juice, and ginger extract. I know that Cawston Press already makes a beetroot based juice but it's not one that I've tried before. The Radiant Roots is a very refreshing and easy to drink combination. I loved the earthy beetroot flavour combined with the sweeter apple and carrot juices, and the little kick of ginger at the end too. This was also my husbands favourite juice of the three.

Cawston Press Sweet Greens: I was quite curious about this one, especially as it's described as "salad in a glass"! It's a blend of apple, pear, cucumber and lettuce, and the main ingredients listed are: pressed apple juice (39%), pressed iceberg lettuce juice (30%), water (8%), pressed pear juice (2%) and mint extract. The vegetables here, cucumber and lettuce, have quite light flavours and it's actually the fresh garden mint notes which linger in this juice. The main body of the juice tastes like a lovely cloudy apple juice, although there is something in the background flavour of the cucumber and lettuce. It's a very interesting combination and one that creates a lovely fresh tasting juice.

Overall, these are all unique and creative blends which are different to any other juices I've tried. I like the fact that you can actually taste the vegetables in these but in a very light and refreshing way.

Grocery Gems Review: Cawston Press Fruit & Veg Blends

RATING: 9 out of 10.
Buy them again?: Yes.

Purchased: Available at Tesco in the chiller cabinet, and selected independent stores.
Price: £2.99p (750ml carton).

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