16 Mar 2015

Review: Thorntons Toffee & Milk Chocolate Popcorn

Last week I was lucky enough to win a bag of Thorntons Popcorn in a Twitter competition. There are three new varieties available; Toffee Popcorn, Toffee & Milk Chocolate Popcorn and Toffee & White Chocolate Popcorn. I wasn't sure which flavour I was going to receive and I was pleased when it turned out to be the Toffee & Milk Chocolate one. 

The Thorntons Toffee & Milk Chocolate Popcorn is simply described as a toffee coated popcorn drizzled with milk chocolate. There are no artificial colours or flavourings and the ingredients are suitable for vegetarians. As you would expect from Thorntons the toffee coating itself is really tasty with a smooth buttery sweet flavour and crunchy texture. The milk chocolate drizzle is lovely and thick and even though it sort of sits on top of the toffee popcorn pieces, the flavours do combine well together. The overall snack is extremely sweet, a bit too sweet for me, but it's utterly delicious in small amounts, and I'd recommend it as an interesting twist on standard toffee popcorn. 8 out of 10.

Mini Reader Review: Thorntons Toffee & White Chocolate Popcorn. Regular photo contributor, Lucy W. had sent me a photo of the Thorntons Toffee & White Chocolate Popcorn last week and kindly added a few thoughts on this flavour. Over to Lucy W:

The texture of the Thorntons Toffee & White Chocolate Popcorn is your classic Butterkist style toffee popcorn that we all know and love, very sweet and crunchy. The flavour was pure luxury - it's like standard toffee popcorn has been missing something all along! Think Butterkist meets dreamy white chocolate, it's just a match made in heaven. The combination is brilliant and well done to Thorntons for coming up with this one. I'd definitely recommend it for your next popcorn snack - it can become greedily addictive! 10 out of 10.

Grocery Gems Review: Thorntons Toffee & Chocolate Popcorn

RATING: See individual flavours above.
Buy them again?: Yes.
Nutrition(per 25g): 110 calories.
Purchased: Asda. 
Price: £1.00p each. 


  1. I tried the white choc variety at the weekend....it's very nice, but the white choc was so sweet it was a bit overpowering.

    1. I agree that these are very sweet (even the Milk chocolate ones) and a little goes a long way!

  2. I rushed to Asda to buy these, but walked away in the end as the bags are so small and lightl :(

    1. The bag is quite small but it actually weighs almost the same as some big bags of popcorn. For example the Walkers MixUps Popcorn I reviewed this week is an absolutely massive bag and weighs 110g. The Thorntons Popcorn weighs a similar 100g but has a much smaller bag.

      The Thorntons Popcorn is very indulgent and heavy in comparison to regular toffee or plain popcorn. It has a thick coating of toffee and chocolate which makes it much heavier and sweeter. I honestly don't think you would want to have more than this size, it's far too sweet to eat in one go.


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