12 Mar 2015

Review: Jack Link's Beef Snack Original & Discount Voucher

Jack Link's, the world's number one authentic American meat snack brand, have launched their Beef Snack in Tesco Express stores across the UK. As someone who's never even tried beef jerky before, I was quite curious when I was offered the chance to try out these Beef Snacks.

The Jack Link's Beef Snack is described as a high protein, low in fat snack, made using the only the best beef which is seasoned and slow cooked in a smoke oven using an authentic Link family recipe. The texture of the Beef Snack is not hard or tough, but is much softer than I had envisaged, with a slighty chewy and greasy edge. The flavour is obviously meaty, but is also quite smokey and well seasoned too (salty and peppery), combined with a much sweeter background taste. I was actually quite surprised by the sweetness in the Beef Snack but it works well combined with the meatier flavours. 

Overall, I don't think the Jack Link's Beef Snacks will be to everyone's taste but if you're a meat fan then this is definitely an interesting snack to try. 

Grocery Gems Verdict: Jack Link's Beef Snack

RATING: 7 out of 10.
Buy them again?: Yes (for eldest son!).
Nutrition: Per 100g - 312 calories (28g per Beef Snack).
Purchased: Available at Tesco Express stores.  
Price: £1.30p each (or 80p with voucher). 

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