17 Mar 2015

Review: Walkers MixUps - Snacks Mix, Crisps Mix & Popcorn

By now you've probably seen the new Walkers MixUps range on TV adverts and instore. It's a new snacking range which brings together different family favourites together in one sharing bag. There are three mix varieties available - Snacks Mix, Crisps Mix and a Popcorn Mix. 

Walkers MixUps Snacks Mix: There are two flavours in the Snacks Mix range; Spicy Mix or Cheese Mix. Each bag has four different classic Walkers snacks; Doritos, Monster Munch, French Fries, and Wotsits. Interestingly, both the Walkers MixUps Snacks Mix flavours contain new flavours for some of these snacks too.

Spicy Snacks Mix; This is a mix of Doritos Chilli Heatwave, Monster Munch Flamin' Hot, Wotsits Flamin' Hot and French Fries Worcester Sauce. The Wotsits Flamin' Hot are usually released around Halloween as Zombie Finger but I don't think I've heard of the French Fries Worcester Sauce flavour before. The tangy and lightly spicy flavour is similar across all of the different snacks, with the Doritos packing most of the punch and the French Fries being the least flavoured. 

Cheese Snacks Mix: The Cheese Mix contains Doritos Tangy Cheese, Wotsits Really Cheesy, French Fries Cheese & Onion and Monster Munch Cheese Flavour. Like the Spicy Snacks Mix, this sharing bag has a great selection of crunchy and crispy textures. The cheese flavour is quite strong in the Doritos and Wotsits but thankfully milder in the French Fries and Monster Munch, giving a nice balance to the overall flavour. My kids had been asking to try these for a while and they really did enjoy the mix of snacks in the bag. The Cheese Monster Munch are very tasty and it would be interesting to see these released as a flavour on their own too.

Walkers MixUps Crisps Mix: I'm glad that Walkers also released a range of classic crisps under their MixUPs brand. These sharing bags contain two different flavours in one bag. There are two varieties available: Cheese & Bacon and Cheese & Worchester Sauce. 

MixUps Cheese & Bacon: There is a visible difference between the different cheese and bacon crisps, with the bacon crisps having a much darker seasoning. These are very similar to the Walkers Cheddar Cheese & Bacon flavoured crisps, but in this Crisps Mix there are individual bursts of cheese and bacon flavour which then combine to create a tasty snack.

MixUps Cheese & Worcester Sauce: I rarely buy Walkers Worcester Sauce flavoured crisps but surprisingly I loved them in this cheese mix. The flavours of cheese and Worcester Sauce are obviously a classic pairing (we always add a splash of Worcester sauce to cheese toasties) and the overall cheesy and tangy flavours combined in these crisps is just delicious. 

MixUps Popcorn Mix Sweet & Salty: This was my favourite product overall and I know it will become a firm favourite for any family movie nights. The popcorn has a great texture with a light and fluffy crunch. The flavour is the perfect combination of sweet popcorn and saltier pieces. I've tried quite a few Sweet & Salty popcorn's that are already available but the large bag here makes this one ideal for sharing and for families. 

Overall, we all really enjoyed this new Walkers MixUps range and there really is something for everyone. My top picks are the MixUps Cheese Snacks Mix, MixUps Cheese & Worcester Sauce Crisps Mix and the Popcorn MixUps. 

To find out more about the range of Walkers MixUps, visit www.walkers.co.uk/crisps-range/mixups.

Grocery Gems Review: Walkers MixUps

RATING: 8 out of 10.
Buy them again?: Yes.
Purchased: Available at most supermarkets. 
Price: RRP - £1.99p. 

PR Samples - Products sent for an honest review.


  1. It's like Walkers are following suit with what Mondalez did with Cadburys Marvellous Mix Ups - good though! The French Fries used to be available in Worchester sauce flavour cause I used to buy them all the time when I was a kid but then they seemed to disappear from supermarket shelves - it seems they've made a reappearance!

  2. Woucester sauce French Fries are common in Tesco and Asda in 6pks, usually hiddenn on the bottom shelves.


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