25 Mar 2015

Review: Lidl Bellarom Milk Chocolate with Neo

Lidl always has a very tempting selection of chocolates, with many interesting flavours compared to other supermarkets, but it was the Bellarom Milk Chocolate with Neo that caught my eye on my last visit. If you've never heard of Neo biscuits before, they're basically the Lidl equivalent of Oreo cookies. It's a fun idea for Lidl to offer a chocolate bar with their own brand of cookies inside.

The packaging has a fantastic appearance, with a classic foil and paper wrapping, within a cardboard sleeve. The chocolate bar itself is very thick and chunky and weighs in at a hefty 200g - all great considering it only costs £0.99p.

Everything about the flavour is exactly as I had hoped. The chocolate has a great cocoa flavour with a creamy, smooth melt. There are plenty of large cookie pieces in each segment, providing lots of extra sweetness and crunch. It's nice to have the cookie pieces within the chocolate itself rather than within a "creme" or softer centre. Of course the Bellarom Milk Chocolate with Neo is quite a sweet bar overall, and a few pieces go a long way to satisfying a chocolate craving, but it's definitely one I would buy again. 

Grocery Gems Review: Lidl Bellarom Milk Chocolate with Neo

RATING: 8 out of 10.
Buy it again?: Yes.
Purchased: Lidl.
Price: £0.99p (200g bar)


  1. I saw these at Lidl todaay - was very tempted but I went for the white strawberry crisp instead. Think I'll definitely give one this a try next time!

  2. Looks really nice but in Polish Lidl we haven't got this flavour ;) We have only caffe, strawberry and hazelnut.

    1. I think it's quite new here - maybe you will get it soon! ;)

  3. hi, is this chocolate good for vegetarians.


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