29 Jun 2015

Around the World - Korea: Nonghyup Korean Rice Punch

I picked up this little can of Korean Rice Punch in my local Tesco and was so intrigued I had to buy it for my Around the World reviews. The ingredients list is reassuringly simple, consisting of; water, malt extract, nonglutinous rice, sugar and ginger extract. 

The drink itself has a cloudy pale yellow colour with a small amount of rice floating around in it. The flavour is extremely sweet but still surprisingly refreshing. The flavour is hard to describe but it's a bit like a sweet rice pudding without any creaminess. Even though the rice flavour is sugary sweet, the drink itself is still quite watery. The rice grains are very small and soft, and add an interesting extra texture to the drink. Overall, this was a very unusual drink but one that is worth trying if you have a very sweet tooth!

Around the World: Nonghyup Korean Rice Punch

Country of Origin: Korea.
Purchased: Tesco.
Price: £0.39p (238ml can).
Nutrition: 35 calories (per 100ml).

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