24 Jun 2015

New Instore: Japan Centre - Aero Matcha Chocolate & More

A few finds from a recent visit to the Japan Centre store in Piccadilly Circus, London.

Aero Mini Matcha Milk Chocolate: A few days ago I posted a slightly negative review of the new Aero Mousse chocolate bar that was released in the UK recently. It's a tasty enough chocolate but the flavour is completely boring and forgettable. In contrast, it seems that Nestlé Japan are keeping things a whole lot more interesting with these new Matcha flavoured Aero chocolates.  I couldn't resist picking up a bag of these and I hope to have a review soon. £3.98p at Japan Centre (for 20 pieces).

Nestlé Aero Mini Strawberry Cocoa: There was also a strawberry version available too described as individual wrapped pieces of sweet strawberry and cocoa infused bubbly chocolate. Apologies for the horrible photo (the shelf was too high for me!). £3.98p at Japan Centre (for 20 pieces).

Nestlé Crunch Mini Matcha: This Nestlé Crunch combines their well known combination of crispy pieces of puffed rice in chocolate, except that here the sweet white chocolate is flavoured with matcha green tea. £3.98p at Japan Centre.

Nestlé Crunch Mini Strawberry Milk: There was also a Strawberry flavoured variety available. I would really love to try this one too! £3.98p at Japan Centre.

If you've tried any of these chocolates then I'd love to hear from you in the comments below! I only picked up a pack of the Aero Mini Match but I'm regretting not buying a couple of the others too. Which one would you go for? 

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