24 Jun 2015

Around the World - Dubai, UAE: Barbican Strawberry Malt Beverage

Barbican is a well known brand of non-alcoholic drinks produced in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, that is available in a wide range of flavours. I bought the Barbican Strawberry Malt Beverage from a local Asian grocery store and decided to review it as part of my Around the World challenge. 

The Barbican Strawberry Malt Beverage has a great appearance with a frothy top and golden colour. There is immediately a strong strawberry scent and it's matched by the sweet fruity flavour here. The base drink has a subtle flavour of malt and hops but it's the strawberry that really comes through as the main flavour. That's not to say that the strawberry flavour is overpowering or too strong, it actually has a light flavour that is refreshing and not too sweet. Overall, I did enjoy this drink, and although I probably wouldn't buy it again, it's still worth a try if you like strawberry flavoured drinks.

Around the World: Barbican Strawberry Malt Beverage

Country of Origin: Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Purchased: Local grocery store.
Price: £0.59p (330ml bottle).

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