27 Jun 2015

Around the World - Sri Lanka: Elephant House Orange Barley Drink

I recently picked up a few drinks from a local Asian supermarket for my Around the World reviews - I'm trying to pick up the pace on this challenge in 2015! There were quite a few products from this Elephant House brand which are all produced in Sri Lanka (such as lemonade and ginger beer) but I decided to go for the Orange Barley drink as it seemed a bit more unusual. 

The drink itself has a bright orange colour and is lightly carbonated. The flavour was much sweeter than I was expecting. At first it reminded me a bit of original Lucozade but I think that may just be the combination of the bright orange and sweet flavour. Once I drank a bit more it revealed a much fruitier flavour, with a bit of orange but also an artificial bubble gum sweetness. I couldn't really detect the barley aspect of this drink, although there is a slight wheaty flavour. Overall, this drink was far too sweet for me to enjoy but I still appreciate that it has a very unique flavour. 

Around the World: Elephant House Orange Barley

Country of Origin: Sri Lanka.
Purchased: Local grocery store.
Price: £0.49p (330ml can).
Nutrition: 50 calories (per 100ml).

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