4 Jun 2015

Review: New Ritz Crisp & Thin

Thank you to Ritz who sent me their new range of Ritz Crisp & Thin snacks (and an awesome personalised bowl too!). There are four flavours in the range; Cream Cheese & Onion, Sea Salt & Black Pepper, Sweet Red Chilli, and Sea Salt & Vinegar. They are available in two sizes; 100g sharing bags and also smaller 30g individual servings. 

The Ritz Crisp & Thin are oven-baked potato snacks that have a deliciously crispy texture and crunch. I really enjoyed just how crunchy and light these snacks are - they're very different to the classic Ritz Crackers, but seriously just as tasty!

Cream Cheese & Onion: These actually had the strongest taste of the bunch, with plenty of visible seasoning. They have a strong and sweet onion taste with plenty of creamy cheese flavouring too. It's a classic combination but one that works extremely well with these lightly crunchy potato thins. 

Sea Salt & Vinegar: This was my favourite flavour of all, and I'm not usually the biggest fan of salt and vinegar, just because it has such a unique and different flavour. They're not too salty and the vinegar is tangy but very sweet too. The sweet and malty vinegar flavour here is just absolutely perfect.

Sweet Red Chilli:  The flavour here was also very different and impressive.  It's not just another sweet chilli flavour, this one is more multi-layered, with sweet spices, a subtle kick of heat and background spices too. These are incredibly delicious and were actually our second favourite of the range. Even though these have a strong flavour on their own, we especially enjoyed these alongside a houmous dip.

Sea Salt & Black Pepper: Like the Cream Cheese & Onion, these are very generously flavoured, with plenty of seasoning. The black pepper here is within the seasoning in a fine powder, rather than being a 'cracked black pepper'. Again, this makes the flavour quite different and unique compared to other black pepper flavoured crisps. 

Overall I was extremely impressed with just how tasty and moreish the new Ritz Crisp & Thin range is (and I promise you it's not just because they sent me a personalised bowl - even though that's awesome!). The texture is lovely, crunchy and light, and creates a snack that can be enjoyed on it's own or with dips. The flavours are all delicious but our clear favourites were the Sea Salt & Vinegar and the Sweet Red Chilli which both offered a different twist to these ubiquitous crisp flavours. 

Grocery Gems Review: Ritz Crisp & Thin

RATING: 9 out of 10.
Buy them again?: Yes - especially the Sea Salt & Vinegar!
Nutrition (per 30g)
 134 calories.
Price: RRP £2.19 (large bags).

PR Samples - product sent for an honest review.


  1. These look like the baked crisps you used to be able to get with Dairylea Dunkers - I loved them!

  2. Sweet chilli tastes like Worcestershire sauce as mentioned by most n my office, not really sweet chilli tbh

    1. I didn't really get a worchestershire sauce flavour from these but I agree that the sweet chilli flavour is very different from the usual "sweet chilli" (as I said in my description).

  3. I really liked the crunch and thin-ness and to some extent the flavour. BUT they are laden with salt so I won't be buying them again - depending on which flavour .33 - .56 gm (that's over half a gram) per 30 gm. So in a small bag you could be consuming 10% of what the World Health Organisation recommends as the maximum per day for adults. (And there's sugar in them, too). Definitely not for children.
    I want to avoid having a stroke more than I want to eat these... so no thanks.

  4. The 'Sweet Chilli' flavour reminds me of Monster Munch's 'Flaming Hot' - ah, nostalgia!

  5. there gorgeous and taste like curry

  6. Plain Salted Would Be Great !!

  7. Love these but would like a bag of crisps , not crumbs. So battered they were a big disappointment, hardly any full sized crisps in the bag

  8. Very nice but won't buy again as I got a bag of crumbs too

  9. Outrageously good. Love the lite crisp texture. Would like it to have 1/2 to 1/3 of the sodium. Also, want to see it in Butter flavored. Way better than popcorn. Can't wait to get more, hope they never stop making them.

  10. Way to much salt, would love to see a low salt variety.


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