23 Jun 2015

Review: Nespresso Limited Edition Perú Secreto

The latest limited edition coffee from Nespresso is a Pure Origin Grand Cru created with a little known Arabica from the Peruvian Andes, chosen for it's intense, round, and sweet espresso with roasted and cocoa notes

The  Nespresso Perú Secreto has been given an intensity rating of 8 and was recommended to me as being similar to my favourite Nespresso coffee - the Arpeggio. 

On the Nespresso website it describes the Perú Secreto as being best enjoyed with milk to reveal a sweeter more rounded flavour, and after trying it first without milk I can see why. The base coffee has quite a bitter undertone which is not really to my taste. Once I added milk I could appreciate the intense roasted flavour and hidden sweeter notes a bit more. Even so, this is a very strong flavour, which is not as smooth as the Arpeggio. My husband enjoyed the stronger intensity here but I doubt we will be stocking up on this limited edition.

Grocery Gems Review: Nespresso Perú Secreto:

Rating: 7 out of 10. 
Buy Again: Probably not.
Purchased: Nespresso.
Price: £3.80p (10 capsules).

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