26 Nov 2015

New Instore: Pringles Pigs In Blankets & Kit Kat Festive Break

Pringles Pigs In Blankets: Thank you to Richard W. who sent me this great find and photo via Twitter. I believe this is a new Pringles flavour for the UK this season. Basically these Pringles are sausage AND bacon flavour! It's certainly a great festive flavour and looks a lot more appealing than some of their wacky sweet flavours from last year. Available at Waitrose (and currently on a buy one get one free offer).

Nestlé Festive Break Cookies & Cream: Kit Kat have undergone a little festive makeover on their packaging. Even though the flavours aren't new it's still nice to see some new Christmassy designs. Each multipack features a different cute character. The Cookies & Cream Festive Break is my favourite with it's snowman. Spotted at Asda.

Nestlé Festive Break Original:: The regular Kit Kat has the most traditional design with a cheerful Santa. Spotted at Asda.

Nestlé Festive Break Dark: The packaging looks great and the black background really suits the flavour. Spotted at Asda.

Nestlé Festive Break Orange & Toffee Treat: The Kit Kat Orange and Toffee Treat flavours have also had a Festive Break makeover. The only one that didn't have festive packaging was the Mint variety so let me know if you spot that one! Available at Asda.

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  1. The Festive Break edition character for Kit Kat mint is an elf/Santa's helper (seen in Tesco.)


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