20 Nov 2015

Review: J20 Midnight Amber & Midnight Forest

J20 have recently released two new limited edition range of Midnight Blend juice drinks. There are two flavours in the range, Midnight Amber and Midnight Forest, which are both inspired by the 'dark and mischievous moment each night when the end of one day blends into the start of the next'. The design of the each bottle is gorgeous, with gold lettering and images that really captures the midnight theme of these drinks. 

J20 Midnight Forest: The Midnight Forest is described as a blend of real orange and cherry juices with a hint of chocolate flavour. As a big fan of the J20 Glitter Berry limited edition I was really excited to try the Midnight Forest blend. The flavour here is mainly of the unusual combination of orange and cherry, which surprisingly works together really well. The orange is the dominant flavour but underneath it all is an extra sweetness and richness from the subtle hints of chocolate. It's a nice combination that is not too overpowering or heavy (especially with the chocolate) and is still a sweet and refreshing juice.

J20 Midnight Amber: The Midnight Amber is described as a burst of orange and lemon fruit juices blended with winter spice flavour. I was expecting this one to be lighter tasting but the hints of spices give it a touch of warmth and seasonal flavour. The base juices of orange and mandarin come through strongly with the lemon adding a tart edge. The hint of spices is quite subtle, and I would have preferred them to be a bit stronger, but I could detect some cinnamon and ginger in there. 

J20 Midnight Forest is available at all major supermarkets and the J20 Midnight Amber is exclusively available at Marstons, Greene King and Fullers pubs. 

Grocery Gems Review: J20 Midnight Amber & Midnight Forest Juice Drinks

RATING: 8 out of 10.
Buy them again?: Yes.
Nutrition (per bottle): Midnight Amber - 74 calories, Midnight Forest - 77 calories. 

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  1. I've tried the Midnight Forest one since it appealed to me the most. While I could taste the orange and the cherry I couldn't taste any chocolate in it at all.

    1. Thanks April. The chocolate is definitely quite subtle but it does make this drink quite sweet.


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