3 Nov 2015

Review: Müller Kids Corner Halloween Yogurt

I started writing a review for the latest limited edition Müller Kids Corner (a Christmas edition) and soon realised that I hadn't posted the Halloween version yet. So apologies for this out of date review! It's more for reference at this point, although I saw that these Halloween yogurts are still for sale in my local Tesco today.

As with the previous Müller Kids Corner limited editions, there is no new flavours here. It's the usual combination of white chocolate covered cereal pieces with a vanilla flavour yogurt. The only difference is the seasonal packaging and the shapes of the cereal pieces. 

I won't go into the flavours here as I've covered that in my previous Müller Kids Corner Yogurt reviews. The 'crunchy pumpkin' are really just round orange-coloured cereal balls. I was expecting them to be a bit more pumpkin shaped but the overall effect is still fun.

Check back later today for a review of the Müller Kids Corner Christmas limited edition!

Grocery Gems Review: Müller Kids Corner Halloween Yogurt

RATING: 7 out of 10.
Buy them again?: Yes.
Nutrition (per 100g): 137 calories. 
Purchased: Tesco. 
Price: 2 for £3.00p (multipack of 4).

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