23 Jul 2012

Kit Kat Chunky 3 Cookies & Cream Review (Cybercandy)

I was so excited when I found out about this Kit Kat Chunky 3 Cookies & Cream. One of my favourite (and now discontinued) Kit Kat Chunky's ever was the US Cookies & Cream version. It was a fantastic combination of oreo style biscuits and a creamy filling, all encased in the super thick chocolate of a Kit Kat Chunky.

This new Kit Kat Chunky 3 Cookies & Cream is surprisingly not from the US, it's an Australian exclusive. I got mine from CyberCandy. The number "3" in the name comes from the three completely different sections of the chocolate bar, which are 'Triple The Texture'. These are described as Smooth Vanilla Fudge, Crunchy Cookie Pieces and Gooey Vanilla Sauce.

The bar breaks down into 3 generous sized pieces which are almost individual chocolate bars in their own right. I did my best to dissect the bar to show you all the different fillings in the middle. I wasn't entirely successful in this and I ended up crushing half of the chocolate, but hopefully you can still get the general idea!

The Smooth Vanilla Fudge segment is a creamy white colour inside. The taste reminded me of the inside of a Kinder Maxi, very sweet and creamy with a hint of vanilla. It has a very smooth texture but this is somewhat overshadowed by the crunchy wafer of the Kit Kat Chunky itself.

The Crunchy Cookie Pieces segment was easily my favourite of the bunch. It is almost identical to the US Kit Kat Chunky Cookies & Cream, with it's gorgeous layer of white creamy filling and dark biscuit pieces.

The Gooey Vanilla Sauce segment lives up to it's name. The filling is completely different to the other two and is definitely gooey but in quite a thick way, it is not like a soft centred caramel. You can bite into this without it leaving a messy trail! There is a subtle vanilla taste but I found this to be the least flavourful of the bunch.

Overall, I was slightly disappointed with this chocolate bar but only because it's not the same as the US Kit Kat Chunky version which was fantastic. I loved the middle Crunchy Cookie Pieces segment but the other two segments didn't have any cookie bits at all, which is a bit confusing given that it's called Cookies & Cream.

The three different segments are a great idea though and this bar feels much more substantial than a normal Kit Kat Chunky. I could only eat one segment at a go, they are very sweet and heavy. You need to have a serious sweet tooth to tackle this one on your own but the good news is that it's great for sharing!


  1. I just ate one of these! I thought that it was all really nice but I liked the Crunchy Cookie Pieces segment the best too. I never got to try the American version which is a shame as it sounds awesome.

    I didn't find it too sickly but I DO have a serious sweet tooth!

    1. Hi Hannah. The American one was AMAZING, my favourite chocolate bar of all time. Now THAT one I would not share with anyone! Sadly this one didn't match up to it but it was still yummy.

      I think I have some sort of sweet tooth denial. So far today, I've had part of the Kit Kat Chunky, then I decided to make chocolate buttercream cupcakes "for the kids", now I'm sitting here with tea and biscuits...

      Katherine :)

  2. Disgusting. I managed 1 bite before spitting it into the bin.
    Get some proper chocolate. Or the original kitkat chunky, the one without the sweetened vanilla flavored puss.


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