29 Jul 2012

Milky Bar Milk & Cookies - King Size (Cybercandy)

Why do Oreo cookies take on such magical qualities and become completely irresistible when they are added to chocolate bars? OK, so this Milkybar Milk & Cookies does not actually mention the word "Oreo" but there is no question as to the type of "cookies" being emulated here. The bar consists of a large slab of white chocolate generously filled with dark brown (almost black) cookie pieces. The combination unfortunately gives the chocolate a slightly grey look!

This is no ordinary chocolate bar that you can find in any local shop. This is a US exclusive (I bought mine from CyberCandy for £2.99). I love the idea of white chocolate with cookies, it reminds me of the filling inside the Kit Kat Chunky Cookies & Cream. The Milky Bar white chocolate is very sweet and sugary and it's definitely not the best white chocolate out there. I like my white chocolate to have quite a strong vanilla kick to it which this chocolate does not have at all. But the good news is that the cookie pieces are just like Oreo's and add a lovely crunchy texture to the chocolate.

My test of how much my family likes a chocolate bar is how quickly it disappears. We often have chocolate bars which are languishing at the bottom of our chocolate tin (yes it's true I keep a large tin just for chocolate bars in various stages of completion - from new to half eaten to one bite left!). I'm pleased to say that this Milky Bar Milk & Cookies did not make it into the chocolate tin, it was eaten up very quickly. Even though the white chocolate itself is a bit bland, my kids enjoyed it and I certainly did not hold back either! I don't think I will buy it again, but it was nice as a one-off treat.

I'm saving my next chocolate/Oreo kick for the new Milka & Oreo bar. Review coming soon!


  1. This looks awesome, white chocolate is my favourite, especially milky bar! I think I will be adding one of these to my next order from Cyber Candy!

    Be interested to hear what you think of the Milka and Oreo.

  2. I always go for white chocolate too! I think you will like this one. It's a very decent size aswell, usually Milky Bars are just too small!


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