14 Oct 2012

Milka Chocolate Gateau (Asda)

I have been featuring a lot of Milka products recently but here is one that is actually available in the UK! Costing £4.00 at Asda, this Milka Chocolate Gateau can be found in the frozen dessert aisle. It's made by Coppenwrath & Wiese who manufacture a whole range of desserts.

This Milka Chocolate Gateau is described as "Vanilla flavoured cream with Milka alpine milk chocolate flakes between chocolate sponges on crisp shortcrust pastry. The cow-spot patterned top is made with Milka alpine milk chocolate and white chocolate, the sides are generously decorated with Milka mini chocolate drops". There is quite a lot going on in this cake!

The gateau needed to be defrosted for 2-3 hours (or 1 hour for a single slice) and came with a little paper tray to display the cake on. The overall look of the cake was absolutely fantastic. The chocolate top looks solid and has a fun cow print pattern made of milk and white chocolate. The sides are decorated with lots of small chocolate flakes adding a great finishing touch.

It's a slightly hard gateau to cut into because the top is made of solid chocolate. It's only possible to cut neatly with a slightly warmed knife (we simply rinsed the knife with boiling water for a few seconds and it then cut through the chocolate easily). As soon as we cut into the Milka Chocolate Gateau we could see the fantastic layers within. The cake sits on a thin pastry base, then there is a thin layer of chocolate sponge, in the middle is the thickest layer which is made of chocolate and vanilla cream, followed by another thin layer of chocolate sponge and finished off with the thick solid chocolate top. Within the chocolate cream layer in the middle you can see clearly differentiated white and milk chocolate creams which also make a subtle cow-spot pattern. It is all very cleverly done.

The gateau looked delicious on the plate and from looks alone this would be a great cake to serve up at a party or gathering. But more importantly the taste is also fantastic. From the pastry base to the chocolate top and all the goodness in between, this gateau has lots of delicious flavours going on. The bottom pastry layer is fine, it provides a great base for the gateau. The chocolate sponge on top has is very moist and has a delicate chocolate flavour. The cream in the middle provides the main flavour, it is sweet and obviously very creamy. What was surprising was that there was a clear difference in taste between the white vanilla cream and the milk chocolate cream, but both are creamy and satisfying. The top layer of the cake is like a slab of Milka chocolate, it's delicious and finishes the cake with an intense chocolate taste. The chocolate sprinkles on the side of the cake are there more for looks but they still add to the overall chocolate flavour.

My only slight niggle with this cake was that the top layer of chocolate is so hard it is easy to completely crush the layers below when trying to break through and get a spoonful. I would recommend eating this with a slightly warmed up spoon or fork, so that it will cut through easier. Or you could do what my husband did - he turned his slice upside down so the thick chocolate top was at the bottom and it was much easier to eat without destroying the layers!

What do you think of the new Milka Chocolate Gateau?


  1. Holy cow that looks amazing when cut into.

  2. Haha! It really is a great looking cake.

  3. It is absolutely delicious. I read your review after I tried it but you are completely correct - great review...
    And I have one piece left in the fridge! Mmm!

  4. Thank you Anon! I'm jealous about that last piece. I could really do with a slice right now... ;D

  5. This item is no longer available in Asda :o( ... i am absolutely gutted, i was buying 2 a week as it's flaming stunning!! It's not been available for the past 3-4 months, i check the desert aisle everytime i'm in Asda just waiting for it to turn back up .... no joy yet though!!

    1. Hi Anon! It might just be your store that has stopped stocking it. *fingers crossed* The cake is still available online at Asda. http://groceries.asda.com/asda-estore/search/searchcontainer.jsp?trailSize=1&searchString=milka&domainName=Products&headerVersion=v1&_requestid=110027

      Have a word with customer services at your local store - they may be able to order it. Good luck!!

  6. It's not just Asda that sell this Milka Chocolate Gateau, Waitrose and Ocado do too. I just checked on MySupermarket.com


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