28 Apr 2013

Danio Super Thick Yogurts Review

I've been meaning to give these new Danone Danio yogurts a try ever since I heard they were being launched in the UK. The Polish version of the Danio brand has already been available in my local Polish shops, and I'm glad to see them getting a wider release.

Danio Super Thick yogurts are available in six varieties; Strawberry, Passion Fruit, Blueberry, Peach, Cherry, and Raspberry. All those flavours looked good to me but I plumped for the Blueberry and Peach varieties to try first.

I know these yogurts are called Super Thick but I was still surprised by just how thick the consistency was. They're not like a thick Greek style yogurt, the texture is more like a mascarpone cheese consistency, whilst still being incredibly smooth and creamy. The yogurt has a very mild taste to it, without any real tanginess that you can sometimes get in yogurt.

The fruit layer at the bottom is quite generous with a syrupy sauce and small chunks of fruit. It compliments the thick plain yogurt perfectly and I loved the fresh fruity flavours in both the peach and blueberry varieties.

I really did enjoy these yogurts, especially the thickness of the yogurt itself. Both yogurts are very high in protein and low in fat, which is excellent, however, they're also quite high in sugar with 18g per pot. I would really love to see these available in smaller pots as I found the 160g size quite large. I usually eat yogurts as a post lunch treat but these are almost too filling for that. 

Grocery Gems Verdict: Danio Super Thick Yogurt

RATING: 7.5 out of 10.
Buy them again?: Yes, I'd like to try all the flavours.
Nutrition: Blueberry -
 154 calories Peach - 157 calories

Vegetarian: Suitable for vegetarians.
Purchased: Tesco.
Price: £0.85p per 160g pot.


  1. But Danio available in Poland/Polish shop they are completly different yogurts! It was a suprise for me, when I saw them in Asda news I was thinking it's gonna be this same but nope. Name is this same, but inside another thing ;) Write "danio serek" in google and take a look on images. In Poland Danio it's one of thing what I can't find similar in England, it's not a yogurt (what usually in Poland mean less thick ones, like for example Muller light), it's a "homogenized cheese" and it's made from kind of cottage cheese which also I think you don't ate in England, you can see it when you type "twarog" in google images :) I hope I have not bored you with my long and for sure hard to understand explanation ;)

    1. It's a very good explanation so thank you! I'm a fan of yogurts so I'm just pleased to see something new on the shelves :)

      The Polish yogurts do look very different so I guess they just share the same name but nothing else!

    2. Twarog is called cottage cheese here.

  2. how strange Katherine..... you were saying not long ago how we have similar tastes in food and oddly enough I tried these yogurts a few weeks ago when they were on offer in Sainsburys at 50p! and guess which two I chose first?? Yep peach and blueberry :-D
    Like you, I was surprised at just how thick they were also and I enjoyed them. I like the sound of the cherry one, Sainsburys didn't have that flavour, I will be looking out for it!
    My fave new yoghurt recently is without a doubt Oykos, you have to try them, delicious!

    1. lol you know what's even stranger is that my next choice would be the Cherry too! I haven't seen that one for sale yet either.

      I'll definitely be reviewing some Oykos soon because of your recommendation. Hopefully I can find the Pear one :)

  3. I really enjoy the fat free passion fruit flavour. But why is it so expensive ?


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