1 Apr 2013

"Kit Kat" Chunky Birthday Cake

Hello everyone! I'm sure no one wants to read about this Chunky Birthday Cake bar, today of all days. Looking at the wrapper I'm reminded of the song "Pure Imagination" from one of my favourite films - Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory. Indeed this wrapper is without doubt the packaging of my dreams!

This chocolate has been "released" to celebrate the Chunky's "14th birthday", but unfortunately there is an extremely limited release. In fact, Kit Kat don't even know about it yet and you're looking at the only one in existence. Ever.

Once unwrapped the chocolate doesn't look anything like the wrapper. The sprinkles aren't even on top of the chocolate bar, they appear to have sunken into the top layer of chocolate. Very dodgy.

Inside the bar is a very thin strawberry layer, just like a real Victoria sponge birthday cake. The sweet taste of the strawberry filling and chocolate is perfect. The sprinkles add crunchiness to contrast with the creaminess of the chocolate yadda yadda yadda. Of course, this is all based on pure speculation because I haven't actually eaten it. 

It's just the thing if you need a sugar rush whilst working on some thankless graphic design project in front of the PC. Seriously this bar is so delicious - you'd be a fool to miss out! 

Grocery Gems Verdict: "Kit Kat" Chunky Birthday Cake

RATING: 01.04 out of 10.
Buy them again?: Unfortunately that would be impossible.
Nutrition (per Bar)
0 calories. 0g protein, 0g carbs, 0g sugar, 0g fat.
Purchased: Photo Shop.
Price: Priceless. Literally.

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  1. Ha ha Katherine - Great April Fools joke!

  2. Awwww man! Looked tasty as well!!

  3. Hahaha! Happy April Fools!! :D I was tempted to go and find this!

  4. Lol I thought you were drunk for a minute! (maybe 2 ;-O)

  5. It took me a while to realize this was a joke, haha. If only Nestle would really make a Kitkat like this, that would be truly something.

  6. Thanks everyone for the comments! I have to thank my brilliant brother for completely creating a fake chocolate design on his ancient PC. He's the design brains not me!

    I don't actually like April Fools that much and I hate tricking people so I had to make it as obvious as possible! Be warned next year I might go all out...


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