31 Mar 2013

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you're all having a lovely day filled with lots of chocolate and haven't yet started to experience the inevitable sugar overload.  I've been doing lots of baking and crafts with the kids in the last few days (like the banner above). I haven't actually posted that many Easter reviews so I thought I'd share some of my Easter stash now. Rather than buy me any more chocolate my husband got me this lovely Easter themed Yankee Candle called Bunny Cake.

I wouldn't normally go for a pink candle as it's not a colour I like very much, but this one was just too cute.

Plus the candle is coconut scented! It's a very sweet coconut smell, with lots of vanilla undertones but also a subtle fruitiness too. Something about the combination of those scents makes this candle smell a bit like bubblegum!

I did get this absolutely gorgeous (and massive) egg from my lovely Mum. It's just stunning with packaging that looks like a enormous flower! It's made by Butler's Chocolate who I've never tried before so I'm looking forward to cracking this one open.

The kids however, did get quite a lot of chocolate treats today, especially from their Grandparents. They got some classic Cadbury's boxed eggs, a Milkybar cow and a Mario themed tin. Luckily for me my kids are actually very restrained when it comes to chocolate. I know this selection will probably last for months in the cupboards and then I'll end up using them creatively in baking!

As if that wasn't enough they also got these lovely Easter baskets filled with Kinder and Thornton's chocolates, as well as a few fluffly chicks! I must admit I'm quite partial to Kinder chocolate so I'd like to apologise to my children in advance if some of these chocolates mysteriously disappear.

We couldn't resist opening up one of the Kinder Surprise bunnies straight away. This is a fantastic hollow bunny with a Kinder toy inside it! It was easy enough to open cleanly in half, although the bunny did slightly lose his head.

Easter eggs very rarely seem to have anything inside them these days (especially at the less expensive end of the market) so this Kinder bunny gets full points from me. The chocolate is very thick and super sweet but still very tasty, with milk and white chocolate layers. It was definitely the kids' favourite... so far! Although somewhat bizarrely the toy inside the Kinder egg was a reindeer!

So did you get any chocolate gifts this year? Feel free to leave a comment with details of your Easter haul!


  1. Happy Easter to you and your family. Looks like you have had quite a chocolate filled day!
    I've got a new found addiction to Yankee Candles and the Bunny Cake one sounds lovely. Have you tried the Black Coconut one? It's gorgeous!

  2. Thanks Hannah and Happy Easter to you and Mr. Review Addict too!

    Oh yes, I've been addicted to Yankee Candle for a few years now. I actually stopped buying them for a while (well, I wasn't buying as many anyway) but the Black Coconut has seen me return to the fold, it's fantastic isn't it! They used to do one called Coconut Bay that was my all time favourite, a real pure sweet coconut. They really need to bring that one back!


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