12 Mar 2013

New Easter Treats and Gifts at Asda

Asda Chosen By You Egg Hunt - £4.00

Asda have a whole range of Easter products in store at the moment and they kindly sent me a few to sample. Firstly is this bright felt basket with bunny design. It comes with one large chocolate egg and eight smaller eggs. There are also arrow signs included so you can set up a fun Easter egg hunt.

It's a good value set and younger children will enjoy carrying their eggs around in the lovely bunny basket!

Chick Egg Hunt Basket - £2.00.

If you've already bought your Easter eggs and don't want a pre-filled basket, then this colourful Chick shaped felt basket is great choice. It's a big size and will fit plenty of chocolate eggs and treats inside!

Creamy Chocolate Eggs £1.00

This net bag filled with Creamy Chocolate Eggs looks absolutely gorgeous. I loved the designs on the bright foil wrappings. They are flat on one side which is great if you are looking for chocolates to tape to the envelope of Easter cards (it's a popular thing to do with Christmas cards at my children's school!).

The eggs are described as milk chocolate filled with a milky creme filling. I'll happily admit that I loved the taste of these, they were everyone's favourite of the products we were sent.

They centre is reminiscent of Kinder chocolates, with a lovely smooth cocoa flavour and creamy sweetness from the white chocolate filling. I'll be back to Asda for more of these!

Easter Cards at Asda

And if you need Easter Cards then there's also an extensive range at Asda, which is great value. Is is just me or has the price of most greetings cards become completely ridiculous?

Chocolate Little Lambs 

I was also sent this pack of three chocolate Little Lambs. These lambs are a little bit different from the usual chocolate bunnies, and there are two milk chocolate lambs and one white chocolate lamb per pack.

They look very cute and the design is quite detailed. I love their curly haired woolly coats.

I didn't think I would like the chocolate in these. Despite the impression you might get from this blog I'm not keen on the type of chocolate that is used for most Easter eggs. However the chocolate in this set exceeded my expectations, especially the milk chocolate. It's very sweet (and I mean very) but it has a decent cocoa flavour, and a minimum of 31% cocoa solids.

Billy the Bunny £2.00

There are lots of new Easter treats available in the instore bakery too, including this bunny shaped gingerbread biscuit, which is decorated with icing sugar. 

Charlie the Chick Cake - £10.00

Also available for the first time is this fun 3D Easter cake, made from light vanilla sponge with two layers of strawberry jam. It's described as "a perfect centrepiece for a family dinner". I like the idea of this cake. I've bought Christmas themed cakes (in the shape of snowmen and penguins!) for the last few years and the kids loved them. It's like an extra birthday cake for them! I can imagine that this cake would be great for a large family Easter gathering.

Asda Chosen By You 
White Choc & Raspberry Hot Cross Buns £1.25

There are also some unique flavours of hot cross bun available from the instore bakery. I've reviewed these White Choc and Raspberry ones already here.

Asda PR kindly sent me some products to review but all views are my own.


  1. Ooh you're so lucky getting all those things to review Katherine :)

    I have to say those choc lambs do look rather cute, and the hot cross buns sound yummy. I might have to pick some up closer to Easter.

    I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed this year with all the choice for Easter goodies. There's too much good stuff around!

  2. The Asda range looks delightful! I haven't done my Easter shopping yet but I'll be In Asda this weekend. Are you ready for Easter? It's coming so early this year!

  3. I LOVE the chocolate lambs and the chick cake is so cute!

    Great review Katherine, I bet your kids loved all these bits! As a big kid myself I am going to have to buy the lambs ASAP.

  4. Great the lambs look cute


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