25 Mar 2013

Lucky's Tiny Pieces of Wonderland Review (Bestsellers)

I've always wanted to try something from the award winning Lucky's range but their Tiny Pieces of Wonderland, chocolates filled with cake, were especially interesting to me. That's not a misprint - these are chocolates with a luxury cake filling! If you're looking for a unique Easter gift idea then these are perfect (although Lucky's also makes an amazing filled chocolate egg called Humpty Dumpty which I'll be reviewing tomorrow).

I'm quite an indecisive person when it comes to choosing a sweet treat, especially if it's a range I've never tried before. Luckily the lovely people at Lucky's have foreseen such an eventuality and put together a Tiny Pieces of Wonderland Bestseller Collection. I decided the best way to sample the range was by delving straight into their most popular chocolates. The six chocolates in this set are: Nutty Delay, Chunky Nutter, Caramel Craze, Salty Insanity, Orange Rush and Peanut Bunny.

Nutty Delay - Honey cake and hazelnut praline all wrapped in white chocolate. The first of the Tiny Pieces of Wonderland that I wanted to try was the Nutty Delay.

Once unwrapped the chocolate looks simply gorgeous. They really do look like chocolates that have been crafted in some distant magically wonderland.

Inside is a perfect layer of honey cake topped with a hazelnut praline. The cake is soft with a delicate honey flavour. The hazelnut praline is deliciously smooth and nutty. The thick outer white chocolate is perfect here, adding a sweet creamy finish. It's amazing how the distinct flavours of honey from the cake, and hazelnut from the praline, remain separate from each other and from outer white chocolate, creating a delicious layering of flavours.

Chunky Nutter - a chocolate brownie with white chocolate and pecan pieces, all wrapped in milk chocolate.

Again, the chocolate looks gorgeous from the outside, I love the perfect shape and Lucky's logo.

The outer milk chocolate is sweet and creamy and is filled inside with a rich chocolate brownie. There is a lovely strong pecan flavour running through the brownie and added texture from the white chocolate chunks. The cake is dense is texture but still soft and fresh too. It really does taste like a brownie even though it's inside a chocolate.

Peanut Bunny - a honey cake and layer of peanut butter all wrapped up in milk chocolate. From the outside this looks exactly like the Chunky Nutter (above) so I won't repeat the outer photo. Inside it's a completely different story.

The Peanut Bunny had the most clearly defined layers in looks but also in terms of the taste and texture. The honey cake layer at the bottom is identical to the honey cake used inside the first Nutty Delay chocolate. It's quite dense with a distinct honey flavour. On top of that is a very soft, but also crunchy peanut butter. This has a perfect peanut butter flavour, sweet and nutty but slightly salty too. The whole chocolate is a real treat to the senses, full of different textures and flavours that compliment each other perfectly.

Caramel Craze - a brownie with caramel drops all wrapped in milk chocolate. Again this looks the same from the outside as the previous two milk chocolate covered Tiny Pieces of Wonderland.

Inside this chocolate is again filled with chocolate brownie but this time with pockets of soft caramel within it. I have no idea how Lucky's manage to put a perfect brownie inside a chocolate, let alone how they also get the caramel within the brownie - and with all the ingredients retaining their own unique textures.

Orange Rush - honey cake and marmalade all encased in dark chocolate. This is one of the newer chocolates in the Tiny Pieces of Wonderland range.

Again this Tiny Piece of Wonderland looks fantastic. The dark chocolate looks glossy and simply divine.

The centre of this one was very different from all the other chocolates I tried because the orange marmalade layer is quite liquid. I'm not really a fan of chocolate and orange together, but I enjoyed the honey cake and orange combination here. The dark chocolate stops it from being too sweet. It's a rich and smooth dark chocolate without any bitterness.

Salty Insanity - A salted caramel brownie, wrapped up in dark chocolate. From the outside this looks just like the previous dark chocolate.

I was really excited to try this chocolate as I love sweet and salty combinations. Inside the Salty Insanity is a lusciously dark and dense chocolate brownie with a real salty edge to it. The salt helps to bring out the sweetness and rich flavour of the dark chocolate, creating a delicious contrast of flavours.

Overall Lucky's Tiny Pieces of Wonderland is a unique and fun range that gets a resounding 10 out of 10 from me. Of course there were some flavours I enjoyed more than others, which is all down to personal taste. Peanut Bunny and Nutty Delay were my absolute favourites, closely followed by Salty Insanity and Chunky Nutter.

Take a look at Lucky's online as they have twelve flavours to choose from in the Tiny Pieces of Wonderland range, aswell as other varieties of chocolates and cakes

Grocery Gems Verdict: Lucky's Tiny Pieces of Wonderland

RATING: 10 out of 10 for the overall range.
Buy it again?: I'll be trying more from Lucky's - the cakes in jars are next on my list!

Purchased: Available from Lucky's online.
Price: £11.95 for the Bestsellers collection.


  1. Bought the exact same package to review a couple of weeks ago- they looked excellent and sound it too from your review.

    I'm turning into a proper Lucky's fan boy. I love their stuff!

    1. Lol great minds think alike! :)

      I bought this a few weeks ago too, it takes awhile to work through them all (even though the review makes it look like I ate them all in one sitting!).

  2. actually drooling! They look and sound amazing

  3. Each and every one looks and sounds amazing! I'm seriously going to have to try some of Lucky's stuff.

    1. Thanks Kev - they make such unique products, they're all worth a try! I'm going to try their cakes in jars next...

  4. was just about to order yet they charge £3.90 for delivery. Royal Mail 2nd class costs £2.20 so im not going to order

    1. Hi there, I can understand your point. These chocolates are not cheap, especially once postage is added. To be fair to Lucky's, there is not just the Royal Mail basic delivery, there are also the packaging costs to be taken into account (the chocolates came in a cardboard box with padding). Mine were also sent recorded first class which was £3.60 in itself.

      I know I have seen special offer codes for free delivery on the Lucky's website from time to time so it might be worth looking out for that. I've also seen the codes posted on Twitter. I usually order when there is free delivery! :)

  5. I was concerned about my problem which I was having for some years ago but thanks to them who guided me and made that look so easy! I would definitely rate them 5 stars!


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