8 Mar 2013

Mother's Day Food Gifts at Asda

So Mother's Day is just a few days away, on Sunday 10th March, but there's no need to worry if you haven't got a gift just yet. As a Mum myself it's often the little things that mean the most. My favourite part of Mother's Day is definitely the breakfast in bed and a few sweet treats with a cup of tea during the day! Asda have got a lovely range of great value Mother's Day treats instore at the moment and I was lucky enough to be sent a few to review.

Asda Chosen By You 8 Mother's Day Mallows - £1.00

Any of you who've read this blog before will not be surprised that I was delighted with these Asda Chosen By You 8 Mother's Day Mallows. Oh yes, these are mallows that are covered in a pink coloured white chocolate and then coated in coconut. They are just so girly and pretty.

I had to try one straight away and I was delighted to find a slightly gooey mallow centre. The white chocolate is a lovely pink colour and the flavour is dominated by the delicious coconut sprinkles. I absolutely loved these mallows! They are not overly sweet, mainly because the mallow is so soft and light and the coconut flavouring adds a fresh taste. It's a perfect tea time treat and if your Mum is a coconut fan like me, then these are a must buy!  .

Asda Happy Mother's Day Chocolate Hearts - £1.00

I'm used to seeing these kind of chocolate nets for Easter and Christmas, and even Valentine's Day, but I've never noticed them for Mother's Day before. I love the colour scheme used here, the hearts are covered in a dusty pink and cream colour foil wrapping- great for a shabby chic loving Mum!

I'm quite fussy with chocolate so I was very pleasantly surprised with the quality of the chocolate in these. They have a great cocoa flavour to go with the pretty packaging! The chocolate is a rich milk chocolate with 29% cocoa solids.

Take a look at some of the other goodies available in the Mother's Day range at Asda:

Asda Shortbread MUM Letters Biscuits - £1.00

Asda Just for Mum Cookie - £3.00

Asda Mother's Day Chocolate Yummy Shoes!

Asda Happy Mother's Day Butterfly Cake - £6.00

What do you think of the Mother's Day range at Asda? I'll definitely be picking up a few sweet treats for my own Mum and dropping quite a few hints for the hubby too! 

Asda kindly sent me some Mother's Day products for an honest review and all views are my own.


  1. Lovely things!! Asda always do great i find with these little events of year - food and accessories. I got my mum some Lindor chocolates in Sainsburys yesterday and will also get some flowers and cook a nice dinner for her. By the way Catherine, i'm not sure if they are new but i've nt seen them before - one of the Lindor choccie ranges were coconut ones!! In a pastelly green colour cornet, description here - 'LINDOR Coconut milk chocolate truffles are the ultimate in chocolate indulgence. LINDOR Coconut maintains the decadent smooth melting chocolate that LINDOR Milk is known for but with a white chocolate coconut centre' YUM!

  2. Asda's seasonal ranges are always fab. They had some lovely bits for Valentine's Day and I've got some Easter reviews coming up this weekend!

    I will make it my mission to get some of the new Lindor Coconut to review too, they do sound amazing! Another hint hint nudge nudge to hubby!!

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