26 Mar 2013

Lucky's Humpty Dumpty Duke of Nutting Hazel Chocolate Egg Review

Yesterday I posted my review of Lucky's Tiny Pieces of Wonderland - delicious chocolates filled with cake. It was one of my all time favourite reviews to write, because the chocolates were so wonderfully unique and interesting. Today I'm reviewing the Humpty Dumpty Duke of Nutting Hazel Chocolate Egg that Lucky's very kindly sent me. And because this is a Lucky's chocolate egg, it's far from ordinary. The packaging is fun and quirky - forget bunnies and chicks who wouldn't want their own Humpty Dumpty chocolate egg? He's even sitting on his own wall!

But that's not the only reason why I love this Humpty Dumpty egg, it's also fabulous because it's a filled chocolate egg. There are six different flavours of filling in the range, and this Duke of Nutting Hazel is a delicious hazelnut praline.

The chocolate egg looks gorgeous even when it's out of the fun packaging. It's a gloriously glossy milk chocolate with a white chocolate moulded bow on the front. If the bow is too girly for you then there is also a ""Moustache Collection" available with chocolate moustaches instead of bows!

Unfortunately, whilst sitting on his wall, poor Humpty Dumpty was pushed met with a terrible accident:

Indeed, Humpty had such a great fall that he completely split in two. It might look at first like Humpty's insides are just filled with a hard chocolate, but this is actually a softly textured hazelnut praline.

The praline is smooth and silky, with a perfect hazelnut flavour. It's a delicious chocolate and hazelnut combination that anyone will love. The milk chocolate used has a full cocoa flavour but it also very sweet and moreish.The praline has crunchy chunks of hazelnuts within it to add extra texture and flavour. I loved the softness of the praline contrasted with the harder outer chocolate shell of the egg. The taste was simply stunning. I'm a fan of chocolate hazelnut anyway but this really was just divine.
The presentation is fun and unique too, making this an all round fabulous product. There are two sizes of these eggs available, large or small. They're quite pricey, so they're definitely a chocolate egg to be savoured rather than devoured. I'll certainly be buying these in the future as an extra special treat or present.

The Humpty Dumpty Chocolate Eggs are available in six different fillings: Sir Salt McAramel (a salted caramel filling), Prof Berry White (a white egg with raspberry pudding filling), Dr. Booz of Ireland (Baileys ganache filling), Earl of Peanuttle (peanut butter filling), Lord Dark Toffius (a dark egg with dulce de leche filling) and this Duke of Nutting Hazel (hazelnut praline filling). Which Humpty Dumpty Chocolate Egg would you go for?

Grocery Gems Verdict: Lucky's Humpty Dumpty Duke of Nutting Hazel Chocolate Egg

RATING: 10 out of 10.
Buy it again?: I'd go for Earl of Peanuttle next!

Price: £9.95 for the small egg (special offer price).


  1. This is so cute and sounds delicious! I am still yet to try anything from Lucky's but your reviews are seriously tempting me!

  2. Fantastic review Katherine, this egg sounds and looks delicious! Out of the other flavours I'd probably go for the dulce de leche or peanut butter. The names are hilarious.

  3. every review i've ever read on a lucky's product the reviewer has only been full of praise and i must say the products always look delectable. having never tried a lucky's product i'm very jealous of you haha, an easter egg that is actually FILLED, lucky's just seems like they got it

  4. yummy yummy all in my tummy:)

  5. The hazelnut praline is in fact Nutella - an employee of theirs told me. Definitely not worth the price.


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