15 Mar 2013

Cadbury Europe Summer Roll Review (Cybercandy)

This probably has the coolest name of any chocolate bar I've reviewed! It's a bar made by Cadbury New Zealand, perhaps somewhat confusingly, under the brand name Europe. The lovely people at Cybercandy very kindly sent me this bar to review. Now what does the name Summer Roll conjure up in your mind? If it's coconuts, peanuts and nougat then you're in luck!

The packaging has a clear "window" in it, which allows you to see the actual chocolate bar inside. It's a great feature and one that I would love to see on more chocolate bar packaging. But then again, I don't think many chocolate bars are as good looking as this one!

I keep calling this a chocolate bar but in reality the chocolate's contribution is minimal. It's predominantly a nutty nougat bar which is then covered with a coconut milk chocolate.

The bar is long and thin but quite tall. It's covered with coconut flakes, some of which are golden brown and toasted, some of which are white flakes. It looks fantastic and nothing like the horrible dessicated coconut that some desserts and confections are sprinkled with.

According to a recent tweet by Cybercandy, Kiwis love nougat (and marshmallow!). If anyone has any extra info on that - I'd love to hear it! The outer chocolate on this bar has a good texture and is dominated by the coconut flavour. There certainly won't be any complaints that this bar is not coconutty enough. The coconut flavour transcends the little coconut pieces and infiltrates the whole bar. It's just the kind of sweet coconut that I love too.

The nougat in the centre of this Summer Roll is not like the nougat we are used to finding in confectionery in the UK (I'm thinking mainly of Mars Bars and the like). It's more of a firm nougat that is quite hard to just bite straight into. I actually cut the bar up into a few smaller chunks which made it much easier to eat. Once in the mouth, the nougat is not too hard or crunchy. It's slightly chewy at first and then melts away perfectly easily and without any jaw workout.

Do you see a smiley face in the nougat or is it just me? The nougat itself is smooth, sweet and very nutty, with a lovely saltiness from the peanuts. I wasn't expecting a salty flavour but it's a very welcome one. It tastes like a peanut butter, nougat, coconut combination with all the flavours working together to create a little chewy slice of paradise. Roll on the summer!

Cybercandy kindly sent me this product for an honest review and all views expressed are my own. 

Grocery Gems Verdict: Europe Summer Roll

RATING: 8 out of 10.
Buy it again?: Absolutely.
Purchased: Available at Cybercandy.
Price: £1.49p.


  1. This sure does sound like an interesting bar. If they'd added some dried pineapple or mango pieces to it I'd be sold :-)

    1. That's a good idea Kev - I like the way you think!

    2. This is such a classic bar and could not imagine it any other way then as is because of childhood memories. You will understand when you try.

  2. That smiley face is adorable. It's as if the bar wants to be eaten!
    Great review and great pictures. X

  3. i got one of these free when i ordered from sanza.co.uk - and i loved it. Kiwis love good stuff!

    have you tried Buzz bars? also marshmallow

    1. It's a good one isn't it? Very unique.

      I haven't heard of Buzz bars, are they sweets or chocolate?

  4. Im a big chocolate and ice cream fan and the love I have for summer rolls Cadbury should come up with a summer roll ice cream it would sell like hot cakes.


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