17 Mar 2013

Warburtons Sandwich Thins Review

These Sandwich Thins from Warburtons have been around for a little while. They're great for anyone who's looking to for a healthier sandwich option as they have only 100 calories per thin, much less than most types of bread or rolls. There are three varieties available; white Sandwich Thins, Soft Brown Sandwich Thins and Seeded Sandwich Thins.

I was a bit sceptical about these, I didn't think they would be very filling and quite frankly I'd rather just have the bread. However, they turned out to be very tasty and a lovely alternative to the usual sandwich.

The Soft Seeded variety are not too packed with "bits", or too crunchy, which is good for me as I don't particularly like bread that has too many seeds. They are essentially very thin slices of bread (as the name suggests!) but I still found them very filling as a sandwich, especially when bulked out with lots of veggies like tomato and lettuce.

I also tried the Soft Brown Sandwich thins which were very similar but obviously have a more wholemeal flavour. There are 6 Sandwich Thins in each pack and they all have the same square shape and dusting of flour on top. They are also, thankfully, pre-sliced - I imagine it would be virtually impossible to slice a bread this thin at home!

So far I've used them for lunchtime sandwiches and alongside a bowl of soup in the evening, instead of a bread roll. Even though I won't be giving up bread anytime soon, I will certainly be buying these versatile sandwich thins again in the future.

Grocery Gems Verdict: Warburtons Sandwich Thins

RATING: 8 out of 10
Buy them again?: Definitely.
Nutrition (per thin): 100 calories, 
4.1g protein, 17.8g carbs (1.9g sugars), 1.5g fat.
Purchased: Sainsbury's.
Price: £1.30 or 2 packs for £2.00.


  1. I liked the sound of these but I had only seen the white version and I much prefer wholemeal bread. Now that I know that there is a wholemeal version I will definitely give them a try!

  2. I tried these a few weeks back, i had the white ones and enjoyed them, had several packs since too!

  3. after read your review I went out a bought a pack of the white ones thank you ;)

  4. These are great if a little over priced will buy again

  5. these are yummy and only 100 cals- hooray!


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