17 Apr 2013

New Müller De Luxe Coconut Dream Corner Yogurt

A few months ago I reviewed a new range of super cute Müller Corner yogurts aimed at kids. This month sees the release of an altogether more grown up and sophisticated version in the Müller de Luxe Corner range. There are four flavours to choose from; After Dinner Mint, Marc de Champagne, Creme Praline, and Coconut Dream. Even though I was very tempted by the Creme Praline, there was no real dilemma over which variety I was going to try first!

The Coconut Dream is described as a "velvety thick coconut yogurt made with whipping cream... an alluring dark chocolate layer... and crispy coconut fancies coated with white chocolate". It's almost as if the people at Müller who develop their new flavours, read my mind, and came up with this flavour just for me. Although judging by the reaction of the lady at the checkout who scanned this, it's pretty much her dream flavour too. Seriously I've never seen anyone react in an "OMG where did you find this!! I've got to buy it as soon as my shift finishes" way before. But as a fellow coconut addict - I totally GET that reaction!

Inside the pot is a coconut flavoured yogurt that sits on a dark chocolate layer, with a serving of white chocolate coconut balls on the side. The yogurt is filled with dessicated coconut, and has an extremely velvety and creamy texture. The scent from the yogurt is just pure sweet coconut, and the rich coconut flavour doesn't disappoint. The dark chocolate layer is essentially a silky sauce that adds an extra indulgent feel to the yogurt. The white chocolate pieces on the side have a crispy cereal type of texture to them and are also flavoured with a very subtle coconut. Overall, this is a very decadent and luxurious yogurt (which is reflected in the calories) and makes a lovely chilled dessert in it's own right.

The Müller De Luxe Yogurts come in twinpacks and at the moment they are on special offer in Sainsbury's for £1.00. I'd like to see these in a multipack format too, with a a variety of the flavours included.

I must thank Becca @beccasparkles13 who mentioned this new range of yogurts on Twitter. Thanks again Becca!

Grocery Gems Verdict: Müller De Luxe Coconut Dream Corner Yogurt 

RATING: 8 out of 10.
Buy them again? Yes, as an occasional treat rather than an everyday yogurt. 
Purchased: Sainsbury's
Nutrition: 187 calories, 3.1g protein, 21.8g carb, 9.5g fat. *also contains alcohol*

Vegetarian: No - contains gelatine.


  1. hahaha, i've this yogurt sitting in my fridge as we speak, and now, your wonderful review is making me plan my route to the fridge to try the coconut one :D! Awesome review Miss Katherine, the praline ones are soooooooo nommy too! Thanks for the mention ;D

    1. oooh, I love reading reviews knowing that I've already got the product in the house! Then I can immediately eat it lol! let know what you think if you try it!

  2. I have to try them, especially coconut dream! Give me a chocolate with coconut and I'm in heaven!

    1. Yes, I feel exactly the same way about coconut and chocolate :)

      I hope you can find some soon!

    2. I've tried it yesterday and I still have one, lucky me! Only one let down - i really don't like a alcohol taste in my dessert and here it's quite noticeable. Beside of this is really rich, creamy and fabulous.

  3. Oh yummy, looks very luxurious. Don't know if you've tried the new Oykos Greek style yoghurts Katherine but I would certainly recommend them. I especially enjoyed the pear variety (don't seem to see much in the way of pear in yoghurts and it immediately appealed to me) x

    1. Ooooh thanks Jo! I have seen those Oykos yogurts but haven't got around to trying them yet. I love pear too so I'll take up that recommendation and buy some asap!

  4. I wish I could try this, but unfortunately it does contain gelatin...I don't really see the need to put gelatin in some yoghurts - perhaps they use it as a thickener? Still, there are plenty of other thickeners out there such as pectin - hmmm, I really do hope that they one day consider changing their recipe so the veggies out there could have some of that coconutty loveliness :-(


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