22 Apr 2013

New Cadbury Pots of Joy - Dairy Milk Review

This new range of Cadbury chilled desserts, Pots of Joy, are made with melted chocolate and whipping cream to create "maximum smoothness". There are three varieties in the range to choose from; Dairy Milk, Caramel, and White Chocolate Buttons. 

I bought all three varieties from Co-op where they're currently on an introductory half price offer - £0.64p for a twinpack. The pots are quite small at 70g each (for comparison an Activia yogurt pot is 125g). I like the simple packaging with it's distinctive Cadbury purple, however, I'm not totally sold on the name "Pots of Joy" (or on the whole "Joyville" theme in general). 

I decided to try the Dairy Milk Pots of Joy (nope, still not working for me) first. I was interested to see how these would differ from the Cadbury Mousse desserts that are already available (I reviewed the Mint version here). This new Dairy Milk dessert is wonderfully glossy and looks silky smooth. The whipped cream certainly gives the melted chocolate a lighter feel and flavour. But boy are these smooth. They really couldn't have made them any smoother and the result is absolutely delicious. The Dairy Milk flavour is just perfection here too, sweetly chocolately but not too cloying. 

Even though this Dairy Milk Pots of Joy was extremely tasty, I have to point out that I probably wouldn't buy them very often. The calorific content is very high for such a small pot. I'll stick to the mousse versions which have almost half the amount of calories. 

Grocery Gems Verdict: Cadbury Dairy Milk Pots of Joy

RATING: 7.5 out of 10.
Buy them again?: Maybe.
Nutrition (per 70g)
160 calories. 4.2g protein,  25.6g carbohydrates, 11.7g fat.

Vegetarian: No - contain pork gelatin!
Purchased: Co-Op.
Price: £0.64p (for 2 x 70g pots).


  1. I've been searching for these all weekend, never thought the Co-Op of all places would have them. I'm mainly after the white chocolate one although the caramel sounds tempting too! Great review Katherine and lovely pics, it really does look as silky smooth as you describe.

  2. i agree! lovely as the dairy milk one looks, its the white chocolate and caramel versions i desperately want to try!

  3. Omggggg, they look DIVINE!!! I totally have to find these now, especially those white choccie ones, om nom nom! If it's anything like the little milkybar ones, I'ma love them for sure haha! Can't wait for the review on the other ones, and you're very welcome, Lovely Lady :))!! Awesome Review, Miss Katherine and congrats on finding them :D!!

  4. Co-op comes up trumps again! I am most looking forward to trying the caramel ones I think. I wonder if they are similar to the Rolo desserts which are amazing!

  5. 2.25 for 4 tiny tubs what a rip off..

  6. Very disheartened over Pots of Joy Buttons.
    Just where are the buttons?

    There's no explanation that the buttons are melted down into the goo. One expects, under the sale of goods act that if you say 'buttons' on the pack, there should be buttons within the mix.
    Quite shameful!

  7. Just had my first... and last. Sickly, horrible, foul. Disappointingly Cadbury's have misfired with this one

  8. Great big lid hiding a tiny pot underneath, do these companies really think every member of the public is thick and gullible, well no some are a bit more discerning Mr Cadbury, yep rip off Britain strikes again.

    1. Totally agree, I feel completely conned.

  9. I found these on my last trip from the States - to Carragaline, Cork, Ireland - and oh my Lord - best darn things EVER !!! I pretty near bought the supply out (was only there for 5 days but bought at least 2 a day per each day - at 1 Euro - NOT a bad price !! Cannot find them in the STATES anywhere - more's the pity -


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