3 Apr 2013

Tayto Irish Roast Beef & Peppercorn Sauce Crisps

These crisps were sent to me by the lovely Becca from the Sparkling Recoverer who you may remember also sent me some delicious Irish breads. Becca very kindly offered to send me some snacks on behalf of Ireland for my Around the World challenge. I love that she managed to find me not just an Irish snack, but one with the word "Irish" in it's name too. Surely that should be worth extra points?

Tayto crisps have a fantastic history which you can read about on their website here. They were first made at Tayto Castle in the Ulster countryside and are now the largest selling brand of crisps in Northern Ireland.

These Irish Roast Beef & Peppercorn Sauce crisps are part of the "Hand Cooked" range, making them very similar in appearance and texture to Kettle Crisps. The crunch from these crisps is fantastic, they're extremely crunchy and well cooked. The colour is lovely and golden with dark edges and lots of visible flavouring.

The meat flavour is very good too. They're deliciously beefy and full flavoured. A great crisp for anyone who likes their crisps nice and meaty. The taste of the peppercorn sauce comes through as secondary flavour, adding a lovely peppery edge to the taste. There is also a subtle herby flavour in these crisps which compliments the beef perfectly. My hubby was a great fan of these and the packet did not last very long once it was opened!

Grocery Gems Verdict: Tayto Irish Roast Beef & Peppercorn Sauce Crisps

RATING: 9 out of 10.
Buy them again?: If I could!
Purchased: Sent from Northern Ireland by the lovely Becca.

Nutrition: (per 25g) 123 calories, 1.7g protein, 13.4g carb, 6.8g fat.


  1. Ahh you're most welcome, lovely! So glad you and Mr Grocery gem liked them too. They're actually one of my favourite flavours, vegetarian or not haha! Great review, Miss Katherine, as always! :D

    1. Thanks Becca, glad you liked the review :) The crisps are really yum, so different from the standard beef flavoured crisps we get here. Thanks again for sending them! K x


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