18 Apr 2013

Cadbury Mini Rolls Ice Cream Flavours - Mint Choc & Raspberry Ripple

It seems like only a few days ago I was writing about ice cream inspired chocolates and now here we have ice cream inspired chocolate CAKES. These new Cadbury Mini Rolls come in two varieties; Raspberry Ripple and Mint Choc. They are not particularly exciting flavours on their own, but the unique factor is that the Mini Rolls can be frozen to create a "summer treat"!

The individual packaging on each Mini Roll is really fun and bright. The Mini Rolls are all pictured with sunglasses on, which suddenly gives them a "personality", and are all enjoying the sun in one way or another!

The instructions on the pack suggest freezing the Mini Rolls for at least two hours. I kept mine in the freezer for around that time (slightly longer) and they were perfect - frozen but not too rock hard. The cake part was obviously very cold, but it was surprisingly still quite soft and very easy to eat. The inner creme layer was more frozen and did indeed taste like a delicious ice cream!

The Mint Choc flavour is a chocolate sponge, covered in Cadbury chocolate, with a swirled mint flavoured cream filling. I'm not going to wax lyrical about the tastes and flavours here. The mint is sweet and refreshing but overall this is a very simple combination of flavours that works perfectly as a sweet treat. I also tried one of these that was unfrozen, purely for the interests of this review of course (haha!) and I have to admit I much preferred it frozen.

The Raspberry Ripple is a golden sponge, covered in Cadbury chocolate, with a raspberry flavour creme filling. The flavour itself is very similar to a standard Mini Roll with jam filling... except with raspberry instead of strawberry. Not very exciting, however, once frozen it becomes more like a mini version of an Arctic Roll! The Raspberry flavour in the middle is perfectly suited to the ice cream theme and tastes delicious here.

I've never really been a fan of Cadbury Mini Rolls but since trying them frozen I will definitely be buying them again in the future. Pure genius on Cadbury's part in my opinion. I doubt I would have even bought these if they were simply new mint and raspberry flavours. Too boring. But by making these "ice cream inspired" they are suddenly a much more interesting prospect!

Grocery Gems Verdict: Cadbury Mini Rolls Mint Choc & Raspberry Ripple:

Rating: Mint - 8/10, Raspberry Ripple - 7/10
Buy Again: Yes - unsurprisingly my kids loved them!
Nutrition (Mint): 125 calories, 11.5g sugars, 6.21g fat.
Nutrition (Raspberry): 125 calories, 12.9g sugars, 5.6g fat.
Vegetarian: Yes - Suitable for Vegetarians symbol on pack.
Purchased: Co- Op.
Price: £1.00p each pack of 6 Mini Rolls.


  1. I agree, making them icecream inspired is a really great idea. I would have never thought of freezing them otherwise! Think I might have to try some of these now :)

  2. Love this idea and the new flavours sound great. Calories are pretty good for a chocolate treat too...I'm sold lol!

  3. Yummy!! I must find these too!!


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