20 Apr 2013

Bajeczny by Wedel - Polish Chocolate Bar Review

This Bajeczny chocolate bar is made in Poland by one of the oldest confectionery brands in that country, E.Wedel - established in 1851 no less! It was very kindly sent to me by a lovely Twitter user by the name of @Banjo_Chocolate otherwise known as Bring Back Banjo Chocolate! 

I should tell you all straight away that Bajeczny means "Fabulous" in Polish - it's a great name for a chocolate bar but one that sets expectations quite high! (Update: Please see comments below for correct translation).

The Bajeczny is described as a "traditional combination of wafers with nuts and milk chocolate". From the outside it does look like a fairly average wafer bar, however the inside reveals the true fabulousness of the Bajeczny :)

It's certainly not an average wafer that's for sure! The centre is more akin to a milk chocolate praline, with lots of small nut pieces and a delicious wafer and chocolate combination. The wafers have been densely packed in the chocolate centre, almost ground up into it, which gives the filling a crispy and slightly aerated texture. The nuts are flavoursome, crunchy, and generously distributed in the filling. The chocolate is quite sweet but it's well balanced by the surprisingly rich cocoa flavour (there is 31% cocoa solids in this bar). All the flavours and textures here work together incredibly well to create a very tasty chocolate bar. Without a doubt the best Polish chocolate bar I have tried and one I'll be looking out for in my local Polish shops!

Thank you so much to @Banjo_Chocolate, who also sent me some other delicious looking treats, all from different countries - reviews of those coming soon. Please support the campaign to get the Banjo Chocolate bar back in production! Check out the Bring Back Banjo Chocolate Bar Facebook page where you can also watch the original adverts for Banjo from the 1970/80s!

Grocery Gems Verdict: Bajeczny

RATING: 8.5 out of 10.
Buy them again?: Yes.
Purchased: Check out your local Polish shops!
Nutrition: (45g) 247 calories.


  1. When I was a kid they was a best thing ever for me :) With the second kind - "Pierrot". Unfortunately now they are not that good like a years before but still pretty good :) If you find, try a Pierrot, It's have more penauts and I think is better. In Poland you can also buy a chocolate bar with Bajeczny or Pierrot filling and also a chocolate candy with another kinds it's "Mieszanka Wedlowska" (Wedel's mix). I like this chocolate bar because you can eat a small portions if you are able :D I'm not :)
    And Bajeczny means tale, story for kids, but it's can be use like a fabulous. Noun - bajka (tale for kids, example Snow white) and bajeczny it's an adjective :)
    Did you ever tried Princessa? Its wafer with filling in chocolate. I think is one of the best polish sweets. You have diffrent kinds. Last time I gave it for my English friend, coconut version (coconut filling and white chocolate) and she said that taste like a heaven and next day I had to bring her 5 more ;)

    1. Thank you so much for this, I LOVE your comments, they're always so informative! Thank you especially for properly defining "Bajeczny" - it just shows that Google Translate can only get me so far! :)

      I did spot the word "Pierrot" in some Polish reviews but I wasn't sure what it meant. I will be on a lookout for that bar from now on! Also the Wedel's mix sounds very good to me too :)

      I have tried the Princessa. The coconut and white chocolate version is available in the Polish section of my local Tesco. I tried it some time ago but I should really do a proper review of it - I feel the same as your friend, it's delicious!

      Thank you again! Katherine

    2. You always welcome Katherine! I really like your blog and I always read your reviews to find some good treats. The fact that you want to try and promote your blog Polish sweets, a lot to me. Polish food is really good and I like when someone wants to find out this :)

  2. This bar looks awesome, I will definitely look out for this one. I have also tried the Princessa and am a big fan!

    1. It's definitely worth a try! The Princessa is awesome isn't it, you can't really go wrong with white chocolate & coconut :)

  3. Wow this bar sounds lovely! I'll have to pick it up next time I'm at the import store, I always see it but the wrapper looks so plain I never bother with it. I've also tried Pierrot, but the tablet version rather than the smaller bar with wafer pieces in.

    1. I know what you mean about the wrapper Kev. I doubt I would have looked twice at this bar in the shops, but it's hiding a very tasty bar! I'm going to look out for the Pierrot from now on, I'd love to find it.

  4. Pierrot is better, but they are both not so good. I am real polish girl and I know what i'm saying. The best polish treats are michaszki by mieszko and ptasie leczko by wedel:)I highly reccomend them


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