14 Apr 2013

Options Limited Edition Go Bananas & Devilishly Dark Indulgence

I was sent this Devilishly Dark Chocolate from the Options Indulgence range by the lovely Becca from The Sparkling Recoverer as part of a fantastic parcel of goodies (including some gorgeous Irish breads). I was introduced to Options hot chocolate by Becca last month, and I'm now hooked on this low calorie range! I absolutely love the wide variety of flavours available, from Caribbean Coconut to Jazzy Ginger, and I've reviewed a few of them before here.

The Devilishly Dark Indulgence that Becca sent me was a real surprise. It's probably not a flavour I would have picked up myself but I'm so glad I got the chance to give it a try since it's so satisfying and tasty. The drink has a very dark colouring and an extra rich cocoa flavour compared to the other Options drinks. If you want the strongest chocolate taste from this range then this is the best one to try.

The Go Bananas is a delicious combination of chocolate and fruity banana flavouring. As some of you may know I love anything banana or banoffee flavoured so this was right up my street. I loved the extra sweet banana combined with the smooth chocolate. When I make these hot chocolates, I use small mugs so that they remain indulgent and full flavoured. Even though I'm a self confessed "limited edition" product junkie, I'm quite sad about the fact that the Go Bananas is not part of the permanent range. There's only one thing to do in this situation and that's start stocking up on them to hoarder level proportions!

Many thanks again to Miss Becca for sending me the Dark Chocolate Option, and apologies that this review is so late!

Grocery Gems Verdict: Options Hot Chocolate

RATING: 8 out of 10.
Buy them again?: Definitely.
: From 39 to 58 calories.
Purchased: Go Bananas: Tesco, Devilishly Dark: kindly sent by Becca.
Price: £0.36p per sachet or 4 for £1.00.


  1. Yaaayyyyyy, OPTIONS :D! You're very, very welcome lovely lady, and no apologies, you weren't late at all, I've been loving these reviews! :) I'm really sad, i've tried every options hot choc apart from the banana one....and like you, I LOVE banana flavoured things also! So glad it was a success though and you found it, so yeeep, stock up for sure!! :D. As for the dark choc, I agree, it's defiantly more rich! I'm so glad you're happy I introduced you to these, they really are nommy nom noms! :D Awesome review, Miss Katherine, best food exchange evers!

  2. Is there a place i can buy the banana flavoured options hot chocolate please x

  3. I would like tonknow where you buy these options go go bananas chocolate drink to is there a place to buy them


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