16 Apr 2013

Phileas Fogg American Style Bubble Chips Cheese & New York Deli Relish

Here we have a fantastic new range of snacks from Phileas Fogg that includes Mexican Style Taco Rolls, Italian Corn Chips, Indonesian Style Crackers, and these American Style Bubble Chips. There are lots of interesting "around the world" inspired flavours to choose from, and I'd expect nothing less from Phileas Fogg! This Cheese & New York Deli Relish flavour received a very good review from Hannah at The Review Addict, and they were clearly my first choice to try.

The American Style Bubble chips have been "twice cooked for a light and satisfying crunch that's perfect for dipping". The flavour "Cheese & New York Deli Relish" is a very interesting but one that sets the bar quite high for my expectations. I've been lucky enough to visit a few delis in New York and I absolutely love everything about them - the food, the atmosphere and the free coffee refills! Happily, the flavour of these crisps lived up to their initial promise. The overall taste is less about the cheese and more about the sweet guerkin taste from the relish. I loved the sweet and tangy notes from the relish against the subtle cheese backdrop. This is my kind of flavour and I would eat these again and again if I could. And yes, they're perfect with dips!

Freebie Alert: At the moment you can grab a large bag of these completely free at Waitrose. Simply get a copy of the Waitrose instore Weekend Life leaflet dated 11 April (usually they're by the entrance or by the checkouts). Hand over the coupon, which is on page 10 and valid until 30 April, to get the pack for free!

Grocery Gems Verdict: Phileas Fogg Cheese & New York Deli Relish

RATING: 9 out of 10.
Buy them again?: Definitely.
Purchased: Waitrose.
Price: £1.00 (half price offer, usual price £1.99).

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  1. This review has reminded me how good these are! I need to buy some more! Great find on the freebie and thanks again for the mention!


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