18 Jan 2015

New Instore: Bassetts Jelly Bunnies

Bassetts Jelly Bunnies: A very quick post today with this great new Easter find from Andrew C. It's an Easter bunnies version of the classic Jelly Babies sweets. They look really cute and I can't wait to find a pack myself. Andrew spotted them in the Easter section of Sainsbury's at £1.00p or in Waitrose at £1.52p. 

Many thanks to Andrew for the great spot and photo. Don't forget if you spot any new products instore then I'd love to hear you. Email me at grocerygems@gmail.com

UPDATE: Further photos and my review of Bassetts Jelly Bunnies here.


  1. I spotted these in my local Tesco last week and I bought them. They taste just like normal Jelly Babies but are a cute idea nonetheless.

    1. Yes the flavours are all exactly the same. Would have been nice to have some new flavours in there!


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